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Art contest round 06 is up at

Art contest round 06 is up at!  I thought we would get more participants this time if I also announce it  here.  If you have been watching my tutorials for a while or longer or just start, it doesn't matter.  Now it is time for good old fun drawing and painting, also test your skill.  On the plus plus side, interact and get feedback from fellow artists.  You will get a lot of benefit from entering the contest.  

Go to Art Contest Round 6: Post-Apocalyptic Samurai for more detail.

DEADLINE: 12:00 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME , Wednesday July 27th, 2011.

PRIZE for Winner: $10 iTune or Amazon music gift certificate

12:00 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME , Wednesday July 27th, 2011.
1) Winner: We will all vote using Poll system. Whoever get the most votes on the poll will be the ultimate champion.
2) Winning piece will be shown in the “Hall of Arena’s Champions” gallery on top of the community and Gallery.

- Final concept must shown at least 75% of its full body.
- Put the character/creature into the coolest looking design and pose.
- Background or setting would help this round.
- Well thought out pose, not a modelsheet or stick figure.
- Finals to be no wider than 700 pixels ( But you should work 2 to 3 times the final size then optimize for jpeg).

More art and tutorials are coming soon.  I've been busy building a secret weapon for the website.  In the mean time, check out the above thumbnails for cool drawing and painting video tutorials.

Good luck every one ;-)

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