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Coloring comics panel tutorial step by step

How to draw multiple characters in comics panel.  Coloring comics panel tutorial step by step. This post is a short tutorial on painting and coloring comics panel. It's been a while since I get some time to work on my personal project, a short story Zombies comics.
This one I started out a little different than usual. As you can see from the second step, I use color right away without assigning any value. This is because, I already have a previous panel that I painted so I have color palette that I can pick off from. It is more consistence color and value if you want to keep the mood of the sequential.
If I use value to begin with, I might not have the same exact color as the previous panel. So when you have color palette that is already established, it is easier and more efficient to pick the color from the existing palette. I am pretty sure the comics colorist artists have their color palette made so that they can just pick the color (with normal version, darker version, and lighter version of the hue). It sure make the coloring or painting process a lot faster.
Just some small tips in painting sequential art or story board.
By the way, these panel are actually larger than they would be on the page. So they appear a little rough. But in the smaller final size, they should look just crisp and fine.
There are some earlier work that leads to these panel go check out More walking dead, Zombie comics panel and Zombie speed painting demo with video and step by step tutorial.

Here is one of the existing previous panels that I made and there are several more.
coloring comics panel

Step by step coloring and painting comics process
drawing and coloring comics panel tutorial

Final version large, I usually work 2-3 times the final size.
drawing and coloring comics tutorial

The final size should be about this below to fit in the page.
drawing and coloring comics tutorial

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