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Cyberbike Wii controller coming to US this summer!

The new Cyberbike Magnetic Edition turns the standard Nintendo Wii into a virtual-reality exercise bike. Not a bad idea, you get to play fun game and work out at the same time. That's something I always like about Nintendo Wii even thought I only touch the console once in a while. ;-)

Developed by Bigben Interactive, already released in Europe since last year, but this new version is set to debut in the U.S. this summer. It will retail for around $170. The stationary exercise bike peripheral connects to the GameCube port on the Nintendo Wii console and is compatible with all Nintendo Wii games playable with a classic controller such as Mario Kart. It features an adjustable, cushioned seat and pivoting handlebars, making it perfect for players of all sizes. Magnetic resistance is set through a tension control knob providing variable and smooth resistance for all fitness levels.

Cyberbike comes with its own game called CyberBike Cycling Sports has 18 different levels with a series of interactive environments where players burn calories as they travel through several environments using a bicycle, submarine and a helicopter. There is also fitness mode, players pedal until they reach a personally set distance, time, or calorie-burning goal. In multiplayer mode, up to four people can take turns getting fit.

As for me, biking is not really fun if it isn't outside.  I always prefer running over biking either trail or treadmill. Many of you might not know, I've been running seriously for about six months now.  It is so good.  I just got a new pairs of Saucony Kinvara  2 and I love it!  I ran about ten miles on Monday and my calves still soar because I was changing my running style to forefoot running.  It would probably take me a while to get use to it.   Saucony Kinvara  2 is one of those transition shoes to minimalist running.  Previously, I ran on New Balance MR 1225, they are also pretty darn good shoes.  I start running longer because of them.  They are so comfortable to run in.  It is more natural for us to run on mid to forefeet, not heels. So I just went three miles yesterday.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post.

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