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Painting over gesture drawing

Painting over gesture drawing.  This post is a Painting over one of the gesture drawings that I post yesterday, gesture figure study from life drawing session. I figure it would be a good practice for light and shadow not using any reference but only a gesture drawing from life session that I just did. So I pick the one that has a better or clearer definition of light and shadow because I am going to need that to paint. I am just focusing on extreme two value at the moment. There is not much to this painting except two value but it turns out nicely.  I spend about twenty to thirty minutes painting out the figure.  It was not that hard because the drawing and the value are basically there.  After I decided on the two values that I established, then I am paying attention on the skin tone coloration and finally edges. So here it is a gesture study painted over.

Here is a gesture study painted over version:

Below is the original 5 minutes gesture sketch
painting asian woman portrait

painting asian woman portrait

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