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Monster in Paris movie trailer

Monster in Paris movie trailer.  When I saw this animation trailer, I said to myself  'WOW, this is really super duper awesome.  I love it already!  I'm sold'
The new English-language version trailer for Bibo Bergeron’s 3-D, CG-animated feature A Monster In Paris (Un Monstre a Paris) has arrived on YouTube. The pic, which will be released on October 12 in France, is set in Paris, circa 1910 and tells the story of a shy movie projectionist and a clever inventor who set out to capture a monster that is terrorizing the city. The monster, in turn, is in love with a beautiful cabaret singer (voiced by Johnny Depp’s real-life wife singer/actress Vanessa Paradis).

Monster in Paris Movie

Directed by Bibo Bergeron.
Produced by Luc Besson, Bibo Bergeron’s A Monster In Paris looks gorgeous… but the story, about a giant singing flea, seems a bit slight. Hope I’m wrong. It opens in France in October. No U.S. distributor or release date yet, but here’s the English language trailer.
This looks like one great looking film, I love the character design in the film, the main female character looks incredibly super cute, top knot!