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Art contest winner at

Art contest winner at This is the art contest round 9 Renaissance Batman. There are a lot of good work this time around, it is getting better and better. Some of you artists have came a long way since we first start a community many months back. I just want to say great work guys! You can go see all the contest entries here: Art contest 9 Renaissance Batman

The winner in this contest is Slawomir Wolicki. This is the second time he won title, congratz again. Here is the winning image of his final Renaissance Batman
Art work by Slawomir Wolicki

The new contest is still going at topic Horror of the Red Riding hood
DEADLINE: 12:00 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME , Wednesday Oct 26th, 2011.
1) Winner: We will all vote using Poll system. Whoever get the most votes on the poll will be the ultimate champion.
2) Winning piece will be shown in the “Hall of Arena’s Champions” gallery on top of the community.

We are still continuing to make a great sources of tutorials for all artists.  You can take a peak of what is coming over here

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