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Avenger trailer finally

As far as in this trailer there are Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye I was not sure. But I also see Black Widow in there too. I've never really read Avenger comics but this trailer looks really cool. And I love all the Ironman movies The original Avenger has different assemble. Ant-man really? who thought that was a good idea for superhero. The group began with the random teaming of Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp and Hulk, who joined forces to thwart the Asgardian menace Loki in response to a call for help from Hulk's teen sidekick, Rick Jones. Pym suggested the heroes remain together as a team, and his partner Wasp suggested they call themselves "something colorful and dramatic, like...the Avengers." The name stuck, and a legend was born. Iron Man provided the group with financing and high-tech equipment in his dual identity as rich industrialist Tony Stark, donating his Manhattan residence to serve as their headquarters, Avengers Mansion. Watch Avenger trailer. Enjoy the trailer!