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Digging thru really old drawing tutorials

This week I have been super busy moving content from around the blog.  When I first started an art blog at blogspot in 2007, I did not know it would last this long honestly.  I thought it was just going to be for fun and post a bunch of art.  But what I wanted the most is to make a comics online or graphic novel about Kung Fu with a girl and giant panda.  Well, that idea seems a little too late.  If you look at the archive in 2007, you will see ton of Panda drawing then.  Actually the idea of giant panda came to me in 2004, I post a bunch of sketch at sijun forum and ca.
Anyway, since it is really slowly become a tutorials central for many artists.  There are a bunch of older but still valuable got lost in the process.  As I look thru the archive, I was disappointed that blogspot feature did not have anyway that I could easily categorize them.  So now I am selecting some good old content and move them to new location which will be solely just for tutorials.  It will be easier for visitors to look for specific topic and searchable via web search.  I will still be blogging here with just about everything include art and tutorials.  But I will reserve a new location for just good content and it will be a lot less cluster.
Below are some tutorials I found that you might be interested in looking at.  Well, since most of you are here to look for them.

How to draw monster art concept
how to draw creepy monster step by step

How to draw basic robot
how to draw robot

How to draw woman upper body
how to draw woman upper body
How to draw woman hip

How to draw Ogre
how to draw ogre

Soul reaper creature art tutorial
Soul reaper creature art tutorial

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