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Painting Necromancer face step by step

Painting Necromancer face step by step.  I am very short on time this past week because I've been working on the back end of the website.  But this is a quick tutorial on how to create a necromancer face from the existing portrait template that you already paint.  It is a lot faster in character design process if you first paint a main face template.  Because you can use that as a starting point when you want to create face variation for any character design for game or any entertainment media.
As you might have already seen previous tutorial, paint different ethnicity woman portraits and character design different ethnicity male hero tutorial.  I just use the front view of an existing portrait painting as a template to paint over and create a necromancer face.  I remember one of my favorite part of being a character design artist on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is to make a Necromancer face design, tattoo patterns and scar design on faces.

Here is a basic Necromancer face

This tutorial I will show you just that, it is very quick and you can make up to ten or more face in a day using this process.  Suppose I am painting a first Necromancer face and I am using a face template to paint over.
I start out with making her eye solid red, thick black eye liner around her eye, then thinner eyebrows as you see on the second panel.  The third one I am looking for lighter sickly pale skin to make her look creepier than what we start of with from panel one.  I also dyed her hair jet black to give it higher contrast.  *It is not necessary that Necro has to have black hair, they can have any color*  Also I straighten her hair more to make it thick, heavy but silky straight and smooth.  Fourth panel, I found the skin tone I want, now she look ghostly and very creepy.  Also I make her lipstick color darker toward maroon or black.
The female portrait template I use came from how to design different character faces
how to paint necromancer face

On the final image, I give her glowing eyes to contrast her bloody dark red eyeballs.  So here is a quick painting tip for making Necromancer face.

Here is a basic final Necromancer face necromancer face painting

**You are probably wondering what is up with all the branding on the images because I never did that before.  Well, a lot of time when I do Google search for relevant terms for my blog and website, I see a lot of my painting and images from  But none of them lead to my actual website and some of them even lead people to fake Manga or Melware website.  So apologize that I have to dumb down these images and make them look stupid.  There are bad, disrespectful and selfish people out there and they are not stupid.  
I am always fine with people using my articles, tutorials, images and videos on their websites or Magazine feed.  Most of them are cool and do not tamper with the sources and aklways link back.  But only some bad apples, who are dishonest, deceitful and looking for short term benefit, make this whole internet a bad and ugly world for everyone.  Karma is a bitch though so one of these days, they will get what they deserve.

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