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Re arrange some old tutorials.

I've been busy digging through some of the oldest content on this blog and try to re organize them so that they will be easier to find.  As I look through the old post I saw some of the useful tutorials that I should make them easier to find.  And some of other old posts that's irrelevant I just leave it there.  A few of the how to that I made way back pleasantly surprise me with the quality of the work and I was like when did I do that.  And some are not so much.
In this post I will post some of the older tutorials that I spend a lot of time this week modified them and make them look a bit more friendly to viewer.  Some of them have video tutorials along with the post and some are just step by step images.  I did not realize as I look through that I have over three hundreds videos and a lot of the old ones are not playable because of REVVER video player are on and off.  It is very inconsistent annoying so I then have to look around in my back up drive to get those video and re record some of them again.
Also I spend a lot of time working on the back end of the website and try to put these tutorials together to make them more user friendly and easier to find or search.
Below are some of the useful tutorial I found this week.  And I hope you guys will find them useful and enjoy the tutorial both step by step and videos.

minion dragon
Minion Dragon
For step by step tutorial go to How to draw minion dragon

drawing dragon head
Dragon head
For video tutorial and step by step image go to How to draw dragon head

how to dragon
Dragon body tutorial go to How to dragon for video tutorial and step by step images.
This one is a very basic drawing instruction.

how to draw ninja
Here is a basic ninja drawing tutorial I did way back in 2007
You can go to how to draw ninja for a full step by step tutorial.

Soul reaper concept art
For this crazy monster creature you can look at the process at Soul reaper concept art tutorial

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More to come, hope you will enjoy these tutorials.  Have a great weekend.