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How to draw Bane, Tigress and Mohawk zombie

How to draw Bane, Tigress and Mohawk zombie.  Hello again, it's been a while since I last post on this blog.  Though I've been updating daily on blog.  I was also been busy trying to finish up my comics or Manga, whatever you want to call it.  Ultimately it is just story telling along with sequential images.  Good news is the first issue almost there, as soon as it get done with proof reading/ editing.  Then it is good to go for the distribution.  If you subscribe to us via e-mails, facebook, twitter and youtube, you will all be notified.
My new idea for 2012 is to turn this original blog into a personal blog so that I can post things that artists will be interested in along with art tutorials.  This blog is soon to become just my personal blog, but for sure I will always post summery of tutorials.  In this post, I have a few how to draw videos together with digital painting tutorial.  Below there are three art tutorials.  You can click on the text below the images to access the video and step by step images.  I hope you will like them.

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Have fun and enjoy the tutorials.