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A few new character design and painting update

A few new character design and painting update.

1)  Thumbnails for character concept art Athena. Most of the concept art begin with simple origin, even if it is a complex idea. What I usually aim for whenever I design a character is visually interesting or super cool silhouette for a character.

2)  Rogue elf concept art tutorial step by step painting. This is something that I did for fun just to improve my use of more saturate color and lighting on a character. In the first step, I took one my existing painting from the previous post, Photoshop painting tips using light and shadow on character, then paint over it.

3)  Demon creature’s portrait concept art step by step. In this tutorial, I will show you a rough creature’s portrait concept design.  This is a step by step process of how to create a quick concept sketch with just black and white or achromatic (You can also use monochromatic scheme).

Enjoy the tutorial and don't forget to check out our premium tutorials: Learn to draw and paint video tutorials.