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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Learn how to draw woman body sideview (female figure), Step by Step tutorial.

Learn how to draw woman body side view (female figure): video and step by step tutorial.
Drawing girl body profile, sideview: Torso Step by Step basic sketching online lesson for cartoon illustration, and comics.
Female Figurative art for conceptual art, illustration and comics.  Learn  how to draw woman body (girl or female figure): Step by Step video tutorial. How to sketch and construct a BASIC female form body figure side view quickly. woman character (female body): "BASIC Female form" drawing and sketching for comics manga anime cartoon and illustration video tutorial.
Quick and easy drawing and sketching instruction, constructed and draw girl body: Torso, head, pelvis, legs, feet.

Here is a BASIC female body profile or sideview step by step tutorial.

Here is a step by step drawing female figure sideview (profile).
draw woman sideview
draw woman sideview
drawing female body

and recent work below go see step by step Tonal value study female figure.

tonal values study painting instruction

Female Figure Painting Premium Video Tutorials, Over 3 Hours of Lessons.
how to paint female figure
how to paint female figure
how to paint female figure 02

More full length Premium Video Tutorials
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Here are basic tutorial for human body:
-Drawing upper body using basic geometric shape (easy, basic)
-Drawing arm, shoulder, and torso.
-Drawing arm, shoulder, and torso 3/4 and back
-Drawing female body figure model sheet
-Drawing woman body or female figure (top): Torso
-Drawing woman body or female figure (bottom): Pelvis, hip

More Face tutorials:
-Drawing Dark Mage (blonde) part 1
-Drawing woman face basic front
-Drawing woman face 3/4 view
-More facial tutorials on Basic Tutorial Directory

Feel free to comment and if you have any question about how to draw and such do not hesitate to post, I will try my best to answer any question about art as much as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Xia,
My name is Vince and I purchase one of your tutorial on how to draw female manga. I was following step by step all the way up too, where you starting to clean up your stretched lines around the face and body. This is where I got lost, I was trying to go back and remove those lines, however I was unable to do so. If you could, please give me some advise on how to clean up the stretch lines.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry i wrote stretch instead of sketched.

XIA said...

Hello, Vincent
Thanks for supporting idrawgirls.com
1) Draw sketchy line on the saparate layer
2) Final drawing on top layer
3) before I merge I lower the opacity of the sketchy line layer to about 50%-however you want to look.
In most of my stuff if you look closely there are still some sketchy lines that I intentionally leave because it creates energy and personally I like it when it just visible enough.

**Do not focus so much on lines as a painter, focus on edge and value.

***I would recommend you watch the tutorial more than once. Watch it over and over (most people watch it three times average) you will catch things that you didn't catch the first time (it's an educational video so the content is very packed). Do not expect to get everything the first time you watch, do not expect the exact result in one painting either. Art is something delicate, comes with practice, dedication and precision.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Xia

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the great tutorial and of course the many other great ones. I'm learning so much, although I am a total beginner with drawing figures etc, this is giving me the basics I need. Thank you !

XIA said...

Anonymous> You are welcome. Keep it up and always stick to core basic principle...it sounds simple but once you understand the foundation...everything is all in there...I am also still looking for bit and pieces that are missing to make my art better.

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