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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drawing Manga Comics Story panel quick color sketch.

Drawing Manga Comics Story panel quick color sketch.
This tutorial show you how to quickly sketch Manga or Anime style girl character in panel with quick color and multiple characters in the scene. Also create depth in the scene using variation of characters size, different values range, and color richness or saturation. This is a continuation of drawing Manga how to draw manga character in panel.

Creating Depth Tips:
The closer the object (usually) the higher contrast and often darker in value. The further away the object the less contrast and lighter to almost blend in with the background color and value.

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." Pablo Picasso

Final Sketch: Draw multiple characters in the panel

Here are step by step still images:
manga, drawing, anime, girl, woman, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, girl, woman, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, girl, woman, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, girl, woman, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

5) I called it DONE! :)
manga, drawing, anime, girl, woman, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

Watch the Video tutorial: Drawing Manga Comics Story panel

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Joey Reyes said...

This blog never fails to keep me practicing digital art. :D Anyway sir can I have your opinion on the Wacom Intuos 4? I am choosing between Intuos3 6x8 and Intuos4 Medium... I also consider the price of both tablets since I am on a strict budget now. :D Thanks!

-Joey R.

dahaca6022 said...

Really cool Xia!Is that her shoulder or her wrist,I got confused.She is like giving him a lecture:Quit complaining!You should be grateful she save your sorry ass!

Knuckles930 said...

I'd say fist, looking at the clothing.

Anyhow the comic tutorials seem to go well, together with making the actual comic I assume. At least we got some stuff to get us thinking.

As for the Intuos 3 or 4. I take it Xia is also using the Intuos 3, as I am, since its still in the
Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet

But if you like some info, I would suggest looking for some forums specific for Wacom. Sure there would be people there who know a lot more about the whole thing
than we do here.

Luca said...

Great Xia... your art is truly great! thanks mate!

XIA said...

Joey> I just reply to you on the previous post you ask. :) It doesn't make much different, both are as good.

dahaca> LOL

Knuckle> Thanks brother

Luca> Thanks bro!

dahaca6022 said...

What do you mean LOL?I have a gift see the obvious!

Majur said...

Man, your draw is excellent! I'm going to read the Kapow now. How much time you take to make a page of Kapow Express?

Poster Print said...

Nice tutorial. Also, thanks for sharing some great tips here. I'll add you to my reader for sure.

XIA said...

dahaca> sure you do..ha ha

Majur> Thanks, I usually try not to spend more than half hour per panel. But if I have more time I would probably have it done the way I wanted no matter how long. :)

Poster Print> Thanks brother! See you around.

rukia said...

I love your work, in spite of the fact that I do not understand almost anything of English (I am spanish) I surprise your creations to rapid chamber(camera). The first time that I saw your blog I was with the eyes as plates xD, but now I am learning to use the digital tablet and it is very difficult, since I am accustomed to being employed at a normal table.
I hope that you understand what I write because this translator is not very good.


Joey R. said...

Thanks! Sorry if I posted the same question in 2 different pages. Im just very eager to know which tablet is better in all aspects (including price):D..

-Joey R.

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