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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Environmental concept granite beach and light in the sky

Environmental concept granite beach and light in the sky.
Here is a quick environmental concept sketch tutorial I did last night. Like always it's easier to scribble out values sketch before deciding on color, digital or traditional. But digital has more flexibility because when you mess up, you can always go back and do some tweak or paint over.
Here is a concept sketch of a beach with some kind of black crystal granite and if you notice closely on the final image, you will see a warlock on top of the big black crystal granite.

Here is a final sketch of the environmental concept: Black Crystal Granite
Black and white

Here are step by step process:
environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

Quick concept sketch Done
environment, concept, art, landscape, beach, black, crytal

Watch video tutorial: Environmental concept: Black Crystal Granite
**Video is in Process, coming soon***

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Luca said...

Great brother... long time not post regarding tutorials! :) Well done, as always. Your wayd of doing rocks is always impressive to watch! Will wait for the video! :)

Thanks a lot!

Luca said...

Hi Xia... what happened. I may be wrong but I feel that the community is getting asleep these days... I mean regarding to the posts and feedback and communication we used to have with each other!

By the way... I'd like to get your opinions on what you think of the artist that I featured on my Blog. Below is the link to the blog... give it a look and tell me what you think of his work! He's awesome! :)



Brandon said...

Very nice. Thanks for the post.

XIA said...

Lucas> Thanks brother, I do what I can. Community? ...it comes and goes..it will take years to keep the flow going constantly. Some high motivation is needed. :)
Some regulars are still posting regularly though. :)

Brandon> Thanks again see ya soon

Knuckles930 said...

Well I guess well manage. Though I don't post much I still keep an daily eye out at the community. But I think we can expect a little down time during the summer and vacation time.
Mainly due to that people go outside more and well vacation, most tend to go on vacation...

But I expect a fine and full recovery after such. And as I might had dropped earlier, within a few weeks I hope to be leaving the country again to work as a DiveMaster again. Although I heard the connection in Lombok is quite poor, if it works I'll try to put up a Diaries of a DiveMaster again.

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