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Monday, February 23, 2009

Concept art tutorial draw and paint hovercraft mecha droid.

Concept art tutorial draw and paint hovercraft Mecha droid.

This is a video learn how to draw, paint and create HoverCraft droid, a little leaning toward mecha style (because of its roundness). Anyway, I hope step by step how to sketch and paint to create hovercraft concept art speed painting help you somehow. There are more tutorial I recently made on the same subject matter. Check them out: Drawing Giant Mech Concept art tutorial, How to draw robot battle droid, and How to draw and paint Mecha Robot 006 White

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People often ask me how come I don't really finish my painting. My answer would be it takes too long, I am not quite an illustrator...that's why I am a concept artist. The key to concepting is you have to be fast, get your idea out of the door. Make it cool and readable to most audience. Whenever I want to start to come up with concept idea, I usually do this speedpainting concept spend about twenty minutes to an hour to get the idea down. You can watch and learn my process of how to put rough idea onto the paper sketching and create sci-fi character concept art online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime.

Here is a final sketch of Hovercraft Droid

Here are step by step still images: How to draw Hovercraft Droid

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

transformer2, robot, hoover-craft, drawing, sketch, how to, tutorial, droid, starwar

Here is a video process: Drawing Hovercraft

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dahaca6022 said...

WOW!Wicked!Very fresh!I like it very much!Super!Today I saw that drawing from Transformers in Youtube(the cat like machine )

Knuckles930 said...

Second that, looks good. Specially the top thumb, the bronze looks very nice there.

Luca said...

Great work man! Really great! Can I ask you some small questions bro...
At the beginning you said you were doing random shapes... does that mean that you had nothing in mind? Before you start, normally, you say "I want to draw some Mecha" and you start putting random shapes or you lay a basic idea first?

Also, about in the middle of the video (4-5th minute) I have noticed you adjusted the composition so well and removed un-necessary values... was that with a 90-100% Opacity brush?

Thanks again for the great work... I have been quite busy these days, but I will post a portrait I've been working on with pencil (going on and off!) Thanks so much!


Richard said...

Lovely work.

Hover only has one "o", though.


Chris said...

You and mechs go hand in hand, sweet design man. Interesting introduction too.

"Mecha Robot 006 White" has always been a favourite of mine. If you have the time and are up for the challenge, it would be cool to see if you could better that design.

Anonymous said...

Looks really great!

XIA said...

dahaca & Knuckle & Anonymous > Thank you very much guys.

Luca> Thanks, if it get a rid of BG completely, then it is. 100% opacity is clean, if there is no translucent then probably. Whatever it takes to accomplish the result.

Richard> Thanks, and I fixed it. :)

Chris> I was thinking about picking some of the ones that has potential and continue on...and make video of them. Push it to almost like a fin illo. Maybe?

Chris said...

Sounds good to me. Maybe an action shot, if you're feeling courageous!

XIA said...

Chris> Ah man! we'll see...that I will have to fake a lot of perspective angles.

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