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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting X-men First Class Emma Frost in process

Painting X-men First Class Emma Frost in process step by step.
After I did a portrait study from a previous post (Tutorial Portrait painting digital) I thought the piece could be further refine as some sort of character design piece. So I am thinking Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen, would be a good fit for the character design. Frost is probably one of my most favorite character of all female character in X-men, not only she's beautiful and have full scale sex appeal but also she's evil in a lot of ways and was one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes. What can I say, I love bad girls. ;)
I try to design her to look like somewhat a typical Emma Frost but also with a little spin on her costume by adding a little bit of contemporary fashion design element. Anyway I am hoping to finish it in the a couple more hours.

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Here is Emma Frost X-men First Class: (Work in process)

Here are step by step painting Emma Frost:

To see previous step by step go to:

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Here is the final image so far:
how to draw comics character

Here is the next step: Emma Frost X-men First class
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Luca said...

She a bad girl, she's sexy and hot, whoa! Love that character as well! I remember reading her comics of how she discovered her powers and how her rich family treated her.
Nice work Xia, you've got good taste for girls - maybe that's one of the reasons why I sticked here for so long now :D
keep rockin dude, I'm sure you'll make a great piece out of this one- plus that its SO COOL to see a new costume design. I think that if comic industries change the costume of the super heroes, they might make more profit from the sales. At least I think so!

Knuckles930 said...

Second that. The clothing looks good. Can't wait till its finished.

XIA said...

Luca & Knuckle> Thanks bros!!! It's coming along...will update soon. :)

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