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Online Comics: DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1 (post no. 004)

DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1 (Post no. 004)

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Art & Story: Xia Taptara
Creative Editing: Skylark

Creator Note:
I usually go to work at Arena around 6:00 am. I can get a lot done when nobody is around. I can also use about half an hour writing my blog. This morning I walked in to my office and WOW. There is a brand new computer on my desk! It's a quad-core system with tons of advance technology stuff on it. It's a KILLER machine because we are stepping up for GUILD WARS 2!!! Anyway, I turn it on. I cannot find a single program that works yet. Photo Shop is not install, Maya, Max, etc. Nobody is around, so I am trying to figure out everything myself. I can just go to the network drive and get those program and install it. But I couldn't find a network drive. Well there are actually about four or five at Arena, there is this particular one that I need, I couldn't find it. And oh! now we have Vista (which I don't really like it much, my girlfriend got it since it was pretty buggy so I had a bad experience with it, I love Google desktop and package better. I don't really know who copy who. Anyway, now I am posting this on my laptop.
There were suppose to be two panels today, but the other one require a balloon text which I thought I would quickly do it at work early, but since Photo Shop isn't there, I will have to find the way to install it today.

I am still enjoying Dogs of War so far, I hope you guys are enjoying it. I also got some feedback from readers
  • that I should make the text within the panel bigger and darker so it's easy to read.
That will be fixed, thanks so much for your feedback.
Also feel free to correct my grammatical error on each post. Let me know where to edit them, you guys can be public editors or something.

If you have any feedback, comment or idea about how to make this Online comics better or even my blog as a whole. Feel free to let me know and leave the comment on the BLOG! That's what it is for. It's like a NAKED CONVERSATION and we both communicate. You and ME! So it's great!!! Let me hear what you think.

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skrubbles said…
Sweet Quad-core action! Hope you manage to get your apps working on that beast and Vista.

I wasn't even aware that you guys were gearing up for GW2. Great work on the GW and all the expansions (saw your work on the CA threads).
idrawgirls said…
I know, I will soon get the taste of it. Today all I was doing was setting up stuff and everything. Goodbye duel core!!!
idrawgirls said…
BTW Thanks those guys and I are working hard to put all the GWs out.
GW 2 will be sick!
skrubbles said…
And I just got duel core a year ago!! lol.

Oh hey, hope I'm not being a annoying about this, but let me know if you got my email about ArenaNet and if you think I have a chance of getting an art test or not. It'd kick ass working there surrounded by all that talent.
idrawgirls said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
idrawgirls said…
I'll check, but can't promise anything.
bog_art said…
Your comic looks great!!.. I just can say maybe you could design your own write balloom for your character conversations.. Maybe to mix them in some way with the background.. and maybe to put a bit more of contrats in your scenes.. I don't know.. it is just an opinion..
Skylark- said…
It is an Autumn morning in a beautiful forest of Bulgaria and a band of raiders are passing through. They are Rus mercenaries, hired to assist the Mongol forces in the Samara Bend campaign and in the previous campaign, the Battle of Kalka River.

The battle of Kalka River had caused enormous carnage and it signalled to the far west that the indomitable military might of Genghis Khan is coming to further expand their thundering conquest.