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Online Comics: DOGs of WAR. post no.001

DOGs of WAR: chapter 1
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Samara Bend (pre battle): Kernek, Volga Bulgaria: 1223 AD

In 1223, after defeating Russian and Kipchak armies at the Battle of Kalka, a Mongol army under the command of Subutai and Jebe was sent to subdue Volga Bulgaria. At that point in history Genghis Khan's troops were seen as invincible.

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*NOTE: Subedei and Jebei are two of the greatest generals of Genghis Khan.They played considerable roles the practicalities of the war, using a hands-on approach. These generals were purely chosen as part of a meritocracy, as none of them were from the direct family line of Genghis. Genghis Khan did not as a general rule trust his relatives to command large number of troops for larger campaigns, and so he did not allow them to command significant numbers of soldiers.*

**NOTE: When integrating new soldiers into the army, Genghis Khan divided the soldiers under different leaders to break up the social and tribal connections, so that there was no division based on heritage of tribal alliances. In all campaigns, the soldiers took their families along with them for the battle. Promotion was based only on merit. Each unit leader was responsible for the preparedness of his soldiers at any time and would be replaced if this was found lacking

In terms of battle detail, a Mongol army leader during battle might be anywhere in the formation and would use flags and horns to order his strategies during the battle. To the Mongols, victory seemed to matter most, and they couldn't afford to lose battles nor men because they were poor in logistics and had few spare troops (at best half as many soldiers in almost all major battles than their enemies, and travelling far away from their homeland). The rules of engagement were clear under Genghis Khan. For example, if two or more soldiers broke away from their group without their leader's approval, they would be put to death.

Creator Note

I decided to drop the Comics: "Mei and Pupie" (Shanghai Express) because I wrote it long time along and honestly I didn't feel any connection with that story in the moment. Without connection, I am afraid I could not illustrated it well enough to make it near what it could have been. Anyway, I decided to pick up "DOGs of WAR" because I am currently with it. I had a idea and wrote the plot not too long ago so I am still attach to it and the connection is still there. I am still excited every time I am thinking about what is going to happen next. it is. It is an ambitious project and I hope to continue doing it on a regular basis until at least I finished the first chapter. We'll see, I am very busy as it is. I just got myself into more trouble.



Skylark- said…
n 1223, after defeating the Russian and Kipchak armies at the Battle of Kalka, a Mongol army under the command of Subutai and Jebe was sent to subdue Volga Bulgaria. At that point in history Genghis Khan's troops were seen as nigh invincible.

Genghis Khan's ultimate goal was to conquer all lands to the way to the great sea of the Far West (Atlantic). To continue this western push, they have to take over and establish selected strategic locations - Volga Bulgaria is one of them.

Commander Subedei* and Commander Jebei* lead the gigantic assembly of 50,000 soldiers in their march towards the land of Volga Bulgaria.
Skylark- said…
One of the Mongol battalions, nicknamed "Quick Sand",patiently awaits the signal to advance. "Quick Sand"'s role is similar of that of modern day 'special forces' units; it is usually at the head of the battle charge, lead by captain Huang Zhi (of Chinese origin).

The members of the battalion are are composed of captives and prisoners of war from from different origins, races, and tribes who have sworn loyalty to the great Khan. They are an elite force, carefully selected from the best and soldiers and horsemen.
Skylark- said…
Captain Huang, along with his battalion of five hundred men, are on the lookout for a signal* in the woods near the Samara Bend battlefield. They are strategically prepared to do what they have been trained to do: to rapidly take down all immediate opposition and quickly retreat so that the second wave of Mongol forces can come in and finish off the remaining resistance.
C-Train said…
Wicked good!! a subject your rarely see in comics!! I love it!!!!!