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Online Comics: DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1 (Posted no.5)

DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1 (Posted no.5)

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*Note: Mstislav Mstislavich the Bold (Russian: Мстисла́в Мстисла́вич Удало́й) was one of the most popular and active princes of Kievan Rus' in the decades preceding Mongol invasion of Rus. He was the maternal grandfather of Alexander Nevsky and the prince Leo of Galicia.

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Art & Story: Xia Taptara
Edited by: Skylark
Creator's Note: Finally I get to blog again. It's been a busy weekend, I try to keep up as much as I could. I plan to update each post everyday, but it's difficult on the weekend with life and all. Thanks for all the feedback on the blog and thanks for stopping by. I have to go back to work now, maybe I will post more thought and stuff later today.

BTW: The story is purely fiction though there may be some reference fact.

Also I have here two links to interview of my Art Director: Daniel Dociu (Guild Wars/ ArenaNet)
Both are very interesting articles and packed with valuable information if anyone is interested. Daniel is the man!

Happy Monday! There is more to come.


Skylark- said…
A band of Rus mercenaries come to assist the Quick Sand battalion. They are seven raiders in all, one former Rus' monarch and six skilled knights and warriors.

The intelligence that they have gathered is critical for the campaign's success. The Mongols plan to intercept the Bulgarian reinforcement troops and destroy them before they can aid the main troops at Samara Bend. The Mongols have considerably less men than the Bulgarians; they have to find any possible solution for a victorious outcome.