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Drawing Step by step: Manga Ryu Street Fighter

Drawing Step by step: Manga Ryu Street Fighter Video tutorial: How to draw learning online (web) tutorial.

This is a recording of my attempt to draw Ryu from street fighter. I would have spoken if I can find the way to record how I draw humans' head or figure instruction and such, but I am not yet really comfortable with the process. Also I am planing the tutorial to start from line draw then rendering later (or not).

Anyway, it just is another attempt to create a drawing process tutorial. It's kinda funny, I've never really think about drawing the character before. Anyway, it's could have been better, also I am thinking about putting some music if I can get a real recorder. I am still not really use to the recording as I work or pretend to work. Honestly, I am still really not happy with this one drawing, but I will blog it anyway. It's not so bad, but it could have been prettier.

It took me about half an hour or so but it will play at x3 real speed so. Enjoy!

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Have fun!