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How to draw lips

How to draw lips (mouth): girl, women, lady. Realistic lips tutorial step by step.

There is a request so here is goes. I don't usually study individual part of the body, but it's good to observe and really observe how lips place, form and behave. I usually place them into the context. Remember, when you put the individual piece in the context, things change and when lighting comes in to play, you will have to paint or draw according to the light source and what you really see (shape and form), not what you know. *Mouth and lips may no longer look like what it is in some context, you will just have to illustrate what you really see and try to capture the shape and value, instead of trying to draw a mouth or lips.

This tutorial on lips demonstrates as if the light comes directly above and in front of her face or lips. If the light changes direction, it will be drawn and render differently. After all this is just a basic study tutorial. Have fun!

how to draw mouth

Below is a How to draw mouth and lips video tutorial.  Update Sept 2011.

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For a full sketch of face or female portrait tutorial you can go watch How to draw lesson girl faceHow to draw person head basicdrawing human's head female face. A little more intermediate step by step and video tutorial would be digital painting tutorial rogue samuraifemale. If you want to improve in your drawing and sketch. 
We also have male facial structure or portrait video tutorial and step by step for beginners.How to draw man's head basic and Draw and render human head with different light sources. It demonstrates how a person's facial structure changes according to the light it receives. Very interesting article and tutorial and will expand your horizon of how to approach drawing differently if you are not already have.

Enjoy the tutorial, go draw and have a good day!