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How to draw woman body (girl or female figure): Step by Step video tutorial.

Learn how to draw basic woman body (girl or female figure): Step by Step video tutorial cartoon, illustration, and impressionist gesture. Drawing girl body: Torso, breasts, hip, legs Step by Step basic sketching online lesson.

How to quickly construct woman body (girl or female figure):
Drawing Female figure is an art form, it is very challenging to represent femininity, beauty and accuracy at the same time. I usually keep in mind their body language, gesture, and movement whenever I am sketch, drawing or painting woman figure.

-Quickly construct female form
-Accentuate using curve and straight lines.

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Here is a quick Video tutorial:

Drawing Software & Tool I used:
-E Frontier Manga Studio Debut 3.0 (Single User)
-Genius MousePen 8X6 Graphic Tablet for Home and Office
*It could also be done with pencil and paper.

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Have fun, go draw!!!