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Learn to make Photoshop custom brush for Drawing and Painting.

How to make custom brush in Photoshop. Learn to make Photoshop custom brush for digital Drawing and Painting. This is a basic video tutorial or lesson of how to make easy custom brush in photoshop. The particular brush I am going to make will mimic a pencil drawing and give a texture of pencil like when you draw. Though can customize it to your own preference. I usually use 60% opacity when I sketch in PS. Then when I paint I usually use 50%, 80% and 100% depending on the purpose and brushes I use.

Here is How to make an easy custom brush in photoshop:

Here is a newer version July 2011

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Have fun!
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cecilia said…
I'm sorry but your video is bad encoded, I don't see anything!
Anonymous said…
hi, i'v watched a number of ur videos , nd was wondering , do u use d wacom tablet in every drawing , like d painting of chun li dat u did .. is there anyway i can draw same kinda paintings wid jus photoshop , nd nothing els , cux i dun hav anything els . nd i'd very much like to draw like u did , in dat painting , but i cant afford d wacom stuff, nd like i said, photoshop is all i have .

idrawgirls said…
ophelia> Sorry, I didn't see the comment earlier...I must have missed it. Yeah this one is really old...try new ones there are over 200 vids now on the site. Thanks for the comment.

Ano> I hear ya. When I was in school I didn't even have a personal computer so I have to go to the lab all the time. I was totally broke, it's a long story.
I did what I can just drawing with pencils and pens the whole time. All I have in my apartment back then was just a bunch of traditional art material. I work part time just to get by for rent and food.

Anyway, my point is be patient do what you can with what you have where you are. If you persistance enought, the glory day will come.

It depends on how serious you are, if you are serious about doing art. I suggest save some money to get some tablet pen. If you have your family around, move back in with them for a while to save money. My family are not around anywhere near I am or was so I always have to pay rent and is really hard. All I can do is finding crappy jobs to support myself.
If you can afford a computer, Xbox, Wii, Ipod, Iphone then yes you can get a tablet. :)

Photoshop or Gimp will do you no good without Tablet. Mouse can only do so much. It's a very competitive world here, you have to get the right tool.

BTW: My first wacom was free because I got hire by small company that does Disney stuff. So...have no tablet thruout the college years. :)
Sinan Altun said…
I want to thank you Xia for brilliant tut. and for sharing your life experiences. Really nice advices
idrawgirls said…
Sinan> Thanks...many people give me so many ideas. I do what I can and I like to do them. ;)
Aeondrift said…
I've got a relatively cheap Genius G-Pen 450, worked fine for me. Might invest in a better one later on...
Graham Knowles said…
This is an older post, but I'd like to comment on it. Xia said three really important things.He talked about Desire, Persitence and Overcoming obstacles. I think those three are the basic ingredients to accomplishing any goals. My goal is to become one of the best Fantasy Artist. Am I there yet. Nope. Will I get there, Definitely. I hope all who are serious about getting better in their art work will do the same. Good drawing all.