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Draw and paint Anime Mecha woman face with helmet design step by step female girl Video process.

How to draw and paint Anime Mecha woman face (female girl) profile (sideview) with helmet design learn from video tutorial step by step video. Learn from basic sketching to rough painting, quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime. Another daily doodle tutorial of how I usually put some idea into rough concept drawing without any planing as a rough painting. I usually start with line drawn or quick rough sketch then go in and apply color and take it all the way to finish if you will. It is a great practice and exercise especially for painting because there is no pressure to finish I just go and stop as I please. It will be finish when you decide to stop. I can paint as many of these in a day and then I will pick a few out of many then I refine it a bit more and paint over the drawing and possibly take it to the finish stage.

Here is color sketch:
Watch the Video Process:

Drawing Software & Tools I used:
-Adobe Photoshop CS2
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
*It could also be done with pencil, gouche, and paper.

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Anonymous said…
Among your anime girl projects, this robot warrior is my favorite. I love unique armor designs...especially those worn by samurai! -^___^-

You are awesome, Xia-kun!

With Mickey Hugs,

Anonymous said…
Just wondering but what were the gothic style names u were talking about, or gothic artists? Couldnt quite catch who u said.
XIA said…
@anonymous> possibly Gothic Architectural design or design. Celtic design, as reference and stuff. Architectures are one of the best way to find ref in cultural and time period. If that makes any sense. :)
Anonymous said…
When coloring what opacity settings do you use for blacks/grays and for colors?
XIA said…
when I get all the value arrangement, mostly I will paint at 100% or 70%.
Watch as many vid as you can...I talk about it in most of them.
Anonymous said…
Another question. Do you paint the color beneath the shading on a separate layer or on the same layer?

By the way posting on this one due to my love for the character, the armour reminds of Dragoon armour from Final Fantasy 4
XIA said…
Either way is fine...there are so many ways to skin the cat. I don't like keeping too many layers, I tend to merge them and keep it simple so that it's easy to work with, but that's just me.
Scatterlung said…
First off, your work is amazing, and your tutorials are an inspiration for me.

You mention in this video that you do a lot of organic designs, leading to very rounded mechs and armours. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to create a much more blocky design, perhaps like the old Transformers designs (as opposed to the new Movie ones). Would you be willing to do a tutorial on how to get clean, straight lines and designing an 80's robot from scratch?
XIA said…
Scatterlung> Thx, these might be what you are looking for
There are more coming and more on the blog browse around. good luck. :)
Scatterlung said…
Yeah, I've looked at all your mech tutorials but the designs are still very organic and slender. I was wondering if you have any tips or planned tutorials for designs much blockier and dense? Here are a couple examples from an artist I follow..

How would you set up the poses, the shapes, the design of these characters? And if you were to paint them, how would you go about it?

Incidentally, the artist is Don Figueroa.

XIA said…
Scatterlung> Well, the principle of the painting are still the same on the Mech...don't know what to tell ya. You might miss the point of those tutorials. All I can tell you now is focus on 1) Values 2) Correct Perspective or Shapes 3) Edges (Soft edge and hard Edges). Good luck. :)
Scatterlung said…
I think I just have trouble colouring and shading flat surfaces. I know how bright or dark they should be but they still look very... flat, in a visual regard, and unrealistic.

Not sure what to do to bring them out.
XIA said…
Scatterlung> How many video on the site have you watch?
Watch as much as you can you will pick something useful up, especially when I talk about values...the core principle apply to everything.

Not all of them are straight upward how to do certain thing...most imply how to achieve...result.

Good luck!
Scatterlung said…
I've watched quite a few; All of the Mecha ones, and a few of the human ones involving armour and leather and that sort of thing. I have watched a lot, but I think you'll understand that watching you do it, and doing it yourself, are two very different things. I start to fumble as soon as I get started on my own.

This is as far as I've gotten so far. I just can't seem to paint it properly in colour. I go over it in a red and it looks flat, and the details seem to vanish. I really want him to shine but it comes out looking very dull.

Really not sure what I'm doing wrong.
XIA said…
Scatter Lung> Your values are almost there, just need fine tuning and refinement (not detail, but accuracy). It will take time and practice to do something you really want it to look as you want it to look. Practice from real object, like study values from them...or from good references. Then back to do your own design....back and fort for like a few months do it every day and spend at least two or more hours study. Then after a few months, you will see the improvement on your values and overall art.

Good luck,