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Drawing & painting woman face portrait, Natalia Vodianova face portrait fast video demo

Drawing & painting female portrait, Natalia Vodianova face portrait fast video demo. Watch and learn how to draw face girl woman or female facial figure front view Video tutorial.
绘画与画的女性肖像,位于莫斯科沃迪娅诺娃面对肖像快速视频演示。 绘画与绘画的位于莫斯科沃迪娅诺娃。
A drawing and painting of Natalia Vodianova.
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Here are step by step images with some drawing tips: 1) Start with circle then extent down into an egg shape (taper down). 2) Draw horizontal line across to cut the top circle part in half. 3) Then another horizontal line below it. The gap should be about the height of of an eye or eye socket. 4) Now I add in eyebrows and hair indication, the head of the eyebrow be about the same distance as the eye's corner horizontally, but the tail can be longer. Then I add a line to suggest her lower lip. 5) After all the frame work is done, now I can start to go in and tighten up some of the facial feature, I usually like to begin with her eyes.

how to paint portrait natalia

6) The bottom of the nose should be half way between the eyes' line and the tip of her chin.  7) Mouth line is half way between the bottom of the nose and the tip of the chin. 8) Notice the area of where the shadow cast. It will be under the eyebrows (inside eye sockets' ceiling), under the nose, and upper lip. 9) Now I start to finalize the drawing from area to area, begin with her left eye. Then from here I use the existing value of this particular area to compare to the rest of the final rendering.
Then I go for the other eye, and compare value (always compare value for the rest of the drawing).
10) After I get both eyes, then I begin to work on the rest of the face start with the darkest value like around the nose, lips, and chin.

how to paint portrait natalia

Here is a final image:

Watch Video: How to do female portrait, Natalia

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Anonymous said…
I love her she is my favorite
Anonymous said…
well done i seen a bit of your photo realism but there is something about this 1 which gives it a very realistic, calm 'auror' 4 lack of a bettr word
idrawgirls said…
Thanks guys! sometime I do realism when I feel like. It's a good practice to try. ;) Thank for the posts.
Anonymous said…
You are awesome! I love your videos! :D
idrawgirls said…
kei> Thanks brother, I try my best at times. Hopefully there will be some more of these. ;)
Anonymous said…
cool tutorial! oh and btw, what's the song?
Anonymous said…
Awsome work! It is extremely beautifull and very artistic, the stile is new and great, keep it on!
And your blogger website is grat, how did you do it?!
Anonymous said…
OH! I love all your art, not as cleaned up as I'd like but u can still tell they're great! Thanks for the playlist also hehe, been listening to it and I think it works better than the other music I was picking xD Ty for the great site and videos and all. <3
Anonymous said…
where can i buy a print of this?
Octavian Bene said…
Inspired by you, i made own speed paint with Natalia Vodianova :)
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> Sorry, there is no print. :)

Bene Octavian> Thanks bro, Im glad I can be of help. Great job! Keep up the good work!