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How to draw Ogre dragon

Learn how to draw Ogre Dragon creature monster fantasy concept step by step video tutorial short and easy lesson. Drawing and skatching variety of different dragon creatures monster designs. Another Dragon concept design from idrawgirls. I believe this is a Dragon concept design number seven.

生き物を描く方法を学ぶモンスターファンタジードラゴンステップバイステップの概念や簡単なレッスンビデオチュートリアル短い。ドラゴン図面やさまざまな生き物 怪物のデザインです。ドラゴン idrawgirls別の概念設計からです。これは、ドラゴンと思う# 7

ここでは、最終的なスケッチ(クリックで拡大) :
Drawing and sketching dragon: Step by Step concept design sketching and drawing free online lesson.

Here is a final sketch (click to enlarge):

Here is a  drawing video tutorial  how to draw Ogre dragon

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    great video... did you do this yourself? thanks for sharing... :D
    idrawgirls said…
    Thanks brother :)