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Manga tutorial, how to draw Pirate Girl step by step and video process.

Manga and Anime Tutorial: drawing Pirate Girl. Learn how to draw and color anime Pirate Girl for concept art, manga, anime, comics, or sci-fi illustration. Drawing design and painting Female character, learn to draw and color anime for concept art and sci-fi illustration. A step by step sketch and paint a quick color concept Mecha Robot design. The video demonstrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into simple visual cartoon concept art.
Here is anime pirate girl:

Here is a video tutorial drawing Pirate Anime girl.

Here are step by step still images:
learn to draw anime

learn to draw anime 02

Here is a final image drawing Pirate Anime girl
learn to draw anime girl

Here is the older version I did of Anime Pirate Girl in 2007, blah...;-P
Watch Video process Manga tutorial: How to draw Pirate Girl (2007)

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Anonymous said…
hi! I'm Misterpaint.
I have bought 2 course of your site. Thanks thousands! They are magnificent! Thanks! Sorry for my english… but I am using a translator.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the how to draw tutorial. Great Blog
idrawgirls said…
MisterPaint> Thanks for your support and kind words. I hope you enjoy the tutorials and get a lot of knowledge out of them. And you are very very welcome. I really hope everyone get what they desire to achieve out of the tutorials.

Anom>> Thanks man. I do what I can...and just keep going doing what I love to do.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great tutorials all over the website. I've probably watched them all about 4 - 5 times already to try to get better. I have a question when you are laying down colors and values and stuff on this drawing, do you always seperate the layers? Like you have a layer for multiply, and one layer for overlay, and that kind of stuff.

Also, do you always use multiply for shadows? Do you ever use a darker version of the color itself? Thanks again! I'll be coming here more often!
idrawgirls said…
Lamuness> Thanks :) In the beginning, I, most of the time, use separate layers until I find the basic value and composition. *But if I paint oil, I would start of with monochromatic to find really rough values first, same thing here* Once they are in place, I merge them all down and use 70%-100% brush using existing colors and values for the most part. Like some say painting is like arranging values, colors and composition...try to make thing looks correct and all in the right place.