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Cyborg 009, Top 100 manga of all time and you should read it.

Cyborg 009, Top 100 Manga of all time and you should read it.
This one is really ancient, and I remember reading some of them when I was a kid...also see some Anime rerun. I believe it might be as old as AstroBoy.

The special thing about it is that this original idea basically gives birth and inspire to so many Manga series later on.

The cool factor about it? Think x-men, but they are partially machine and been modify...they didn't really born with the special abilities.

Cyborg 009 (サイボーグ009, Saibōgu Zero-Zero-Nain?) is a manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was serialized in many different magazines, including Monthly Shōnen King, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Monthly Shōnen Jump, COM, Weekly Shōnen Sunday, Weekly Shōnen Big Comic, SF Animedia, and Shōjo Comic in Japan. The manga was published in English by TOKYOPOP; as of 2006 it is out of print.

It is the tale of nine regular humans kidnapped by the evil Black Ghost organization to undergo human experiments. The result of this tampering are nine cyborgs, each one having super human powers. The nine cyborgs band together to fight for their freedom and to stop Black Ghost. The evil organization's goal is to start the next world war, by supplying any rich buyers with their choice of countless weapons of war and mass destruction.

The evil Black Ghost organization kidnapped several people from around the world and turned them into cyborgs designed to be perfect weapons, but their evil plan backfires because the nine cyborgs still retain some of their humanity. Once the cyborgs escape, they vow to defeat the Black Ghost and bring peace to mankind.

It starts when Cyborg 001 reaches out to Cyborg 009. When Cyborg 009 wakes up he finds himself in this laboratory, and he doesn't know how he got there. Then, when Cyborg 009 tries to find a way out, a lot of robots come after him. Cyborg 001 continues to reach out to Cyborg 009 by mind. Cyborg 009 finds out that he has these amazing powers, but what he doesn't know is that he's a cyborg.

When Cyborg 009 escapes, more robots came after him. He fell off a cliff into the ocean. Then Cyborg 008 was swimming around and spots Cyborg 009. He rescues him and brings him to land. Then more robots come after Cyborg 009. Then Cyborg 002 saves him by flight, and brings him to the others. But before they really got to know each other, they were attacked.

Elements of this series would later find their way into Kamen Rider (1971), another famous creation by Ishinomori. The plots are the same, except that the weekly threats are mutants, and there is just one hero (later two), as opposed to nine.

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Luca said…
Well man... the mangas you mention every time are always great. Have you read Naruto's manga...I think that Masashi Kishimoto really can be called the "Living Legend!"- what do you think??

Also am looking forward for the new site man! Keep it up and don't forget that creature (Titan sort of) that I mentioned you last week!:P

Goodbye king!
XIA said…
I have not read Naruto, but I am sure it's probably better than the Anime ones as it always is. I've seen a few episodes, it's not bad at all...very cool stuff. Now I have to find the Manga and read them.

The new site is going to be a long while since there are to many content to transfer from this site.
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