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Learn to see for better drawing

Learn to see for better drawing. Visually breaking complexity of form into simple shapes.

You have to be able to look at object, people, animals then rationally analyze if you can break it down into simple geometric shape or a group of simple geometric shapes. It is a lot easier once you realize what you really see are just combination of shape and form arrange in its own composition.
Then you can start to look for value and color.

The process of drawing any subject becomes less intimidating when you understand how to see and break down proportions properly, and can draw the fundamental shapes of the various parts in their correct places.

1) When you see an illustration, sketch, or real life object.

2) Identify the simple geometry shapes within.

3) Break down the most simple 2D form. Sphere to cirle, cube to square ....(but don't forget to covey the depth or the mass or perspective of the object on 2d surface.)
This process as follow allows you to draw things from memory or your head. You start with easy simple shape to a group of shapes arrange in their proper place. But the process will be reverse if you are drawing from life or object. You see complex shape, then you break it down however you comfortable with (what I show you is just how to think, not how to actually do it the exact same way.)

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