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Photoshop illustration tips for artists

Photoshop illustration tips for artists

Here are some cool PS tips for everyone from one of our friends/ readers, Petter Amland.

Dear Xia.

You're a nice guy and you blog is getting better and better along with you. :)

If you didn't know them already, here's some tips to finish up your artwork. Hope it can help:

Photoshop illustration tips for finishing up your image.

* Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.
Using these sliders to give higher contrast and brightness to you images. You can also try using the Hue/Saturation sliders.

* Unsharp Mask.Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. set the radius to about 1, and the amount to about 100 + -, all depending on the image.
This will make the individual brush strokes clearer.

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IF ANYONE HAS COOL Photoshop tips, short cut, and trick that you would like to share, FEEL FREE TO POST them below this post on COMMENT THEN I WILL ADD THEM TO THE LIST.


Luca said…
Hi xia... well done for the blog. I asked you a couple of questions a couple of weeks ago but still no reply,on of my problem is that when I apply colour the colour comes out too sharp and hard. I have to set the flow around 10% and the opacity around 50%. Usually how do you set yours so that the colour is not too hard??!
XIA said…
Luca>> I believe I answer almost all the questions in my blog. And I believe I answer that question before. Did you check where you post it? Though I might have missed. It's a combination of using default hard round brush and soft brush. I leave the flow alone (never have to change it, makes no different to me.) I only change the opacity 30, 70, 100. Depending on the area and what outcome you want. If you paint it with too low of opacity, then it will come out muddy. AFTER YOU LAY DOWN THE VALUE, COLOR & COMPOSITION FOUNDATION, THEN YOU SHOULD USE 70% - 100%.
Goto this links:
If you want to get good fast, then paint at least 2 hours everyday. The first half hour is pretty much a warm up.
Luca said…
Thanks man! Normally I paint much MORE than 2 hrs but as I told you my problem is with the electronic brushes and photoshop stuff not with drawing itself! But after your tips I'm getting a bit better slowly. By the way do you mind if I send you one of the drawings I did with photoshop and if possibly you can give me your opinion about it- please send me an email (even an empty one) so that I can reply to you with the image please) I would really appreciate your tip on the drawing itself.

Here is my email:

Will wait from you Xia! Thanks!
XIA said…
You will get used to it.
You can post your drawing in the community,
I usually go and take a look (but honestly, I am not so good at critiqing, I only know what I do. That's what it's for so artists can help each other also.

Thank you for your sharing and very nice......