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Top 100 manga you should read, Cobra Space Pirate

Top 100 manga you should read, "Cobra Space Pirate" or "Space Adventure Cobra"

Cobra (コブラ, Kobura?) is a sci-fi manga created by Buichi Terasawa, later turned into an anime movie and a TV series. Each version has had a slightly different name:
Original run: 19781984

* Manga title: Cobra (コブラ, Cobra?) (also, "Cobra the Space Pirate")
* TV anime title: Space Cobra (スペースコブラ, Space Cobra?)
* Theater released anime title: Cobra: Space Adventure (コブラ SPACE ADVENTURE, Cobra: Space Adventure?)
* DVD released anime title: Space Adventure Cobra (スペースアドベンチャー コブラ, Space Adventure Cobra?)

One of my favorite of all time, COBRA. What could be better than space adventure, tons of action, robots, androids, and hot women. That says it all.

Story:The series features the infamous space-pirate Cobra who was once forced to hide from enemies by surgically altering his face and erasing his own memory. At the start of the story he is living an ordinary life but after going to a trip-parlor where ordinary people live out their fantasies as powerful implanted dreams he starts to regain his true memories (a similar concept occurs in Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale and its movie adaptation Total Recall). With his android partner Lady Armaroid (a female armored being) literally 'bursting' out of the bulky domestic robot she impersonated in his years of 'vacation', and his old ship Tortuga (Turtle in Spanish), he now faces foes both old and new. The first, and most well-known of the manga stories sees him encountering the Royal sisters whose bodies have tattoos that could lead to a great treasure.
*Here is 2 of 100

Episode I found on youtube: Cobra

Cobra No. 1
Cobra #7
Kabuto, Volume 1
Goku: Midnight Eye, Volume 1

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IF ANYONE HAS COOL OLD SCHOOL (80'-90'S) MANGA RECOMMENDATION , FEEL FREE TO POST REPLY ON COMMENT THEN I WILL ADD THEM TO THE LIST. HELP ME REMEMBER...unless you guys are too young (well then if you have any cool after 90's Manga, you can also post it then I will make another list.)



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