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How to paint Gold armor digital painting tutorial.

How to paint gold armor digital painting tutorial.  Art tutorial, draw and paint Gold color Armor digital illustration photoshop concept art. Learn to Draw render and paint gold color Armor digital illustration free step by step and video online tutorial for comic manga, anime, and illustration sketch.

Step by step and video how to render metallic gold reflective surface and quick mark up background. Drawing and rendering technique for creating metal texture surface for character armor. The process shows from basic sketching to finish drawing quick character concept design. The video demonstrates and narrates how to quickly create an efficient sketch for character drawing into visual. The video shows you how to put together your concept idea onto visual character concept art.

Knight in a Golden Armor final image:

Here are step by step still images:
how to paint gold armor

Gold Armor Knight final color sketch
gold armor concept art tutorial

Watch the video process tutorial: How to paint gold armor (reflective) knight warrior.

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pokepetter said…
Wow. The improvement from step 5 to 6 is massive!

Thanks for the tut :D
idrawgirls said…
Pokepetter> Thanks bro! Just update #5 again so the huge gap narrow down a bit. :)
Luca said…
Wow man... wonderful- your rendering is simply Perfect!! it's very helpful to find the right value first in black and white then apply color, very good. By the way your feature tuturials are amazing and really WORTH. you give golden tips & techniques!

Thanks bro... keep posting vids

Chris Reeve said…
Making things look shiny is certainly your forte. The gold armor here reminds me of that Iron Man picture you did from ages ago - which is fantastic by the way.

Am I mistaken in thinking that designing armors is your main job at work?
Anonymous said…
Gracias!!! I waiting for a more detail tutorial. I try to apply your tecnique, when is over i wil sent you.

Chris Reeve said…
If you want a more detailed tutorial you should buy one of his feature tutorials... they are more in depth and lengthy.
elhazardmx said…
By the money is no problem, ihave buy the videotutorials published here :)

idrawgirls said…
luca> Thank you brother. I am glad you and everyone like the tutorial, especially the feature ones. This one is not bad, from time to time I hit and miss. I am just hoping that the next tutorial will always get better and better. Man, pressure.. :)

Chris> I am thinking the same thing, it does a bit. Yes, I do mainly design armor for all GW series. Glad you like the feature tutorial. :)

khaosphere> You are welcome, I hope I succeed I get my point across. And for sure there will be more Feature tutorial, but I have to come up with something good and different.

elhazardmx>> Hello there! Thanks for your support and everyone. And I hope all the tutorials around here, including the features help you out in some way. There will for sure be more and hopefully better.
Knuckles930 said…
The armour certainly looks great. Also
nice to hear more people are getting
the feature tutorials. :)
Luca Cauchi said…
maybe you could a feature tutorial on designing a landscape/ forest or something like that!

Thanks bro!
idrawgirls said…
Knuckle> Thanks bro! :) Have fun diving and bring back cool Photos for us!

luca> Perhaps...I will. ;)
Shaka said…
your tutorial just is amazing!
I like it so much
but i am frustrated because i don't understand how you use the brushes

i was looking on the faq, there is some explications but not what i am looking for

do you have some tutorial about how you use the brushes?

i'm some new on how to use the brushes with my genius mouse pen 6x8

thanks for readme, and congratulations
you made an excelent work!!!
Luca said…
Shaka> well you can purchase his featured tutorials, they're really worth it! Believe me, a few weeks ago I was just like you... new with the tablet, new with brushes and so on... I recommend you his archetypes feature tutorial if you're new. (They are located at the top part of the webpage, just underneath the idrawgirls logo).

Good Luck!

idrawgirls said…
shaka> if you just got the tablet, it takes a while to get used to. Be patience, also...I often use just default round circle (hard edge and soft edge). Edge are important also, photoshop are just short cut and make things easy. Foundation and principle of traditional art remains, once you understand to make result then...practice practice practice.

Luca> LOL, thank brother. It's true, and I am glad those tutorials help you guys and gals out in many ways. Thanks for your support and kind words.
Peace! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, this site is an absolute goldmine for aspiring artists like myself. The most important lesson I've learned so far is to draw as often as possible, which I've started doing.

I have a similar question to Shaka, but slightly more specific. I can see from your excellent feature tutorials that you do indeed mainly use the default Photoshop brushes, but I was wondering whether you often have opacity or flow tablet sensitivity (or both) enabled and also what brush spacing do you normally use?

I understand that there's no magic formula that will enable a novice like me to paint as well as a highly skilled artist such as yourself, but it would be nice to try and start on the right foot.
idrawgirls said…
alex> Sorry for the late reply, I meant to answer your question. But I guess it slipped off the radar :P
The default brush have check *shape dynamics, *other dinamics, *smoothing. Spacing is default as it comes...I don't tweak them at all unless I make a new brush.
As for Flow, I don't change it at all because I don't like Airbushy looks...I like gritty, rough and painterly look.
Opacity I do change (if you watch most of the video I often talk about it a lot, especially in the older ones) to be 30%, 70% then 100% as the stage progress. 30% is early stage to find values, 70% when I am sure I have the right stuff, then final mostly 100% so the pic don't get muddy. and there different opacity as it fits the images.

Also layers, you have to play around with them...the more you play, then you learn...then you will just take what you need to complete your project.
There are still many more stuff in PS that I don't know, and hardly ever need. I try to minimize the complexity and just take precisely what I really need and economize the process.

Thanks for the comment!
Come back again soon!

elhazardmx said…
Here my draw using the videotutorial
idrawgirls said…
elhazardmx>> Nice work man! Keep it up! You should also post them on the community. :)
idrawgirls said…
Jeremy> Welcome! :)
Anonymous said…
Did you use a color dodge for the highlights? What type of layering and filter did you use for the highlights?
idrawgirls said…
I used combination of everything: Dodge, Linear Doge, screen to get the values I needed. Then I just paint normal. The key is you have to know what looks right to be able to attain the result. Values (tones) is the key ;)
Anonymous said…
Could you show us the same tutorial, with the layers displayed, going step by step on how you got those very shiny highlights on the armor, using the layer filters (Dodge, linear dodge, screen, etc). Could you discuss the differences and when to use them?
idrawgirls said…
I didn't record the whole screen with layers so sorry. But really, layers will just make your process faster, not the essence of making it correct. I usually merge them down anyway, keeping multiple layers are the pain in the butts for me. I just use them to find value quickly. I could do without and selected from the HSB instead. Focus on values it will do you more good in the long run. :)
CurryPork said…
Xia, I've been coming to your site for a long time and it's my first time posting here to say thank you.

I'm an architect but I'd rather be doing what you do a thousand times.

I have no experience in digital painting, although I do know some photoshop.

I've decided that I'm going to buy a Wacom tablet and purchase your featured tutorials and see how far I can go. I think I'll be more satisfied doing some art on the side, even as a hobby, than architecture.

idrawgirls said…
CurryPork> Sorry for the late reply, your name is making me hungry....
Anyway, you assume your perspective drawing is at the superb level since you are an architect? Nice, you should be flying in doing environmental concept and such!!! But figures is different, it would take you a while. There is this architect guy at my life drawing session, he's been going for years and he's better than a lot of people I have seen (and I've seen a lot). So Congrat! You will love the wacom and keep doodling and pursuing what you want! I was a numbers cruncher before I decided to be come a commercial artist. Good luck!