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Environmental design magma river concept art tutorial

Environmental design magma river concept art tutorial. Draw and paint landscape magma river environmental concept scene digital painting technique e-learning video demo.
How to draw and paint outdoor environmental scenery visual design for Manga, comics, anime, and video games art. This step by step video show you from start the basic shapes and values, blocking in shape, assign colors for painting to create early conceptual painting and refining detail for the final concept painting.

Here you go as you request: Environmental quick concept sketch
Magma (Lava) river enviromental color sketch

Here is a final color sketch of Magma River Environmental concept

Watch video tutorial how to paint Magma (Lava) river enviromental color sketch:

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1) This one I start off with rough random shapes with some blurry visual of valley in my head.
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2) Blocking in shapes
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3) Define depth and separate three visual elements
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4) Introducing color scheme into the sketch.
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5) Refine and finish color sketch
magma, lava, rock, environmental, painting, photoshop, art, concept, design, drawing, how to, illustration, speedpaintiing, tutorial

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Luca said…
wow xia... amazing brother - thanks for feeding me :D lol! You know I'm trying really hard! (have you seen my latest environmental sketch trial on the community - what do you think... how can i improve?)

Thanks brother!

Chris said…
Hey cool work, reminds me of the fire islands in GW.

Can I just say it's nice to see everyone stepping up their game in the community area. Good stuff guys!
negar said…
wow! so hot ;)
I realy enjoy watching your tutorial.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks...after the long wait...I am glad you like it and hopefully it's helpful.
Sorry, I am not very good at critiquing. Just watch out for value and depth...push the mid-ground forward a little more that should be better.

Chris> Thanks man! This is usually not really my cup of tea (I don't do environment for GW) but I am getting better. Most of the time if the result is good, then it's probably Daniel's (The Art Director) MOJO rubbed off on my art skill a little bit. He is always freaking amazing.
Agree on the community page! They are making killer stuff!

negar> thanks, all your stuff are very cool. Keep them coming and keep up the good work. The more you do the better you will get. Observe, study and practice.
Keep it up!

Thanks for all the comment guys!
Joris said…
Hey man, this was inspiring!
There's just one more thing I'd like to know:
Normally, lava is all glowy, and I'd like to know how you'd draw the light from the lava on the rocks.

Thanks for the tutorial, and keep on rocking!
Chris said…
I was going to mention that too, but I think when Lava is cooling it doesn't tend to glow as much. Looking closer at the pic though I notice a few dashes of highlights on those rocks.

My guess for the glowy effect though you could just overlay some of the colours from the lava to the rock, or simply turn down the opacity of your lava colours and add some to the rocks...
XIA said…
joris> Look around for some reference or you can google "lava" or "magma". Yes, Lava is glowy but the dominating light is still the sun or the environment it is in. Look at a lot of Photo of Lava or magma and observe how it reflect pr interact with its surface or surrounding you will get more idea.
And Chris was also right about they are not all glowy...partially some will cool down especially on the surface once it gets some air.
Dodge tool will also be good for the additional lighting.

Chris> Thanks brother, you are right. But also additional info if you dominated light source is in the environment (mostly the sun), then it will also effect to glow power of lava.
Thanks again.
Stuart said…
Hi mate, your work is awesome! I'd like to know the tool/present/download location of the tool you are using most of the time here? It looks like a straight line, im assuming its a brush of some kind, but it moves so fast =( Thanks!
XIA said…
Stuart> Sorry, just saw your post :)
It's just a round default brush. Go to brush setting then squeeze the circle until it's flaten, then you have the brush.

Stu said…
Doh! Ty mate, appreciate ure time =)
XIA said…
Thanks Stu for the kind comment. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi..Charmaine here

I saw all your online tutorials on and i loved all of your tutorials. But I'm a beginner on digital painting and I'm a bit of a slow learner; there's a few questions which i want to ask was the setting u did for the opacity.

1) Did you played with the opacity settings like setting it to 70% etc when u draw random shapes or did u just set the opacity to "pen pressure"? I tried doing the same methods as u did but i couldn't get the greyscales correct...some parts looks to grey while some parts looks too ligth and i had a hard time blending them.

2) Did u change the colors of the greyscales when u draw the random shapes or u used the same colors all the way by making use of the pen pressure on them?

3) When u started to paint..did u set a new layer on top of the greyscales and set it to overlay mode? I tried after doing the greyscales but i got weird colors...
XIA said…
Charmaine> Thanks brother! :)
1) Mostly pen pressure begin 30%, mid way 70% then final 100%

2&3) I used overlay and multiply or what suitable to get the base colors composition...then I merge everything down and paint on normal layer or canvas.
It just the matter of practice and good observation. Tips: Focus on values, study them and nail it down. As for color, focus on the temperature of color, balancing of cool and warm. Then EDGES are really important in making your piece outstanding and painterly (not airbrushy). If you get those down, your painting will be stunning. All of which I am still trying to do. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Charmaine here

Thanks alot :) I will practise more XD