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Figure drawing tutorial process technique, basic sketching online step by step how to.

Figure drawing tutorial process technique, basic sketching online step by step how to draw woman body girl or female figure video tutorial. Three minutes gesture sketch, draw and construct a female form quickly.

I usually keep in mind their body language, gesture, weight distribution, direction of movement, accuracy and simplicity whenever I am sketch, drawing or painting woman figure.

Here is a three minutes gesture figure drawing or sketch. Here are two steps process.
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figure, gesture, art, assasin, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, gesture, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, speedpaintiing, tutorial
Watch the video process 3 minutes figure drawing or gesture:

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Genius MousePen 6x8
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
-Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet (new from Wacom!) Economy for everyone.
-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

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** If you have any basic questions or specific please looked up Q/A section. Most of the time your questions has already been answered in Q/A.

If you need any help or support you can
-post questions or comment on the post (seems to be the fastest way to get response)


Chris said…
Tango dancer - a Xia speciality!

Now that Uni has started again I can go do some life drawing for free .Mwahaha! (although technically I'm paying for the course...)

By the way I clicked the new "Kapow Express" tag and had a quick thumb through the pages in order noticed something. Did you know that Mei's dress changes from light blue to dark green?
pokepetter said…
Oh man I love loose sketches^^
Luca said…
well hope you'll post more environmental stuff! :D lol Anyways I like it, loose sketches are cool cause although they are very simple, you know what's in the image- well done bro!
Btw... I'm glad that you liked that demon, also yesterday I posted that environmental sketch- if you see something that's not right feel free to tell me. Afterall we're here to help each other!

dahaca said…
Chris>well you see you cant be perfect!It was a long time ago.Did you see the monk's outfit on the table.Xia again ,Awesome!
XIA said…
Chris> Thanks brother, Yeah...Tango without her partner. Shame...I couldn't finish the whole pose in time. Oh yeah, her dress was turquoise green for some reason in the beginning (possibly the background color influence), but they are the same dark green from the same palette. I should have make it more consistence. Ma bad. :)

Pokepetter>> Thanks brother, me them scribbles.

Luca> Thanks brother, about the landscape environment...they will come be patience. ;) In the mean time, there are more than 10 video about that if you go to the right side tutorial menu label:
"Tutorial: Environment and Landscapes (4)

Tutorial: Environment and Landscapes II(4)

Tutorial: Environment and Landscapes III (2)

Tutorial: Environment and Landscapes IV (4)"

Keep doing what you doing, art is a progress. You are doing fine. The more you post the more I can see what is your progression and how far you have come along. I will check it out. Trust me, keep up your daily sketch blog (everyone should do it) Hard work will pay off! :)

dahaca> Ha ha...thanks brother, I will try to keep it as consistent as I could. :)
Luca said…
Oh yes brother, I will! I am patience ;D You know... the very fist thing that I saw on your blog was that "Snow Rocky Mountain Cliff Environment" tutorial! Ah old days lol! I got really impressed that day with the rendering of that rock - that dark orange really gave it life...
I post the link again so that you know to which one I'm referring to:

That was love at first sight! :D lol

Thanks brother, I am really practicing VERY hard on digital painting - hoping the get better. I think that one of the worse things I do is to zoom in a lot and get every single detail - its wrong, as you say!

negar said…
I love tango,I used to dance when i was young,i mean when i was younger in my 17.. anyway i love the drwing. but i wish you could make longer tutorial ..
And thanx for invitation :X :X :X
Chris said…
I think you have to pay for longer tutorials (understandable really), but there are a couple that are done in segments around here somewhere..

Such as the Monkey King:

Enjoy, and have fun.
XIA said…
negar> Sister hello! Very nice stuff you got going on the community post! Welcome and keep it up, we love it. Yep, Chris is pointing you onto the right track. :) Most online vids do not allow you to upload any video longer then six minutes.

Chris> Thanks again brother, I almost forgot about that one. It's been so long it seems...over a year now this blog. :)
Chris said…
Well here's to another year!

If you ever get the time/can be bothered I think it would be quite fun to revisit The Monkey King, but in the style and process of the space marine you made recently...
XIA said…
Chris> Great idea brother! I would totally do any of one of the existing tutorials that have potential to take them further. Thanks for the thought!!! That's so money!