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How to draw face soft shading.

Manga Tutorial, drawing female face soft shading. Learn to draw and shade face, feature of female, woman, girl or lady. E-lesson online free step by step and video tutorial.

Here is final a quick sketch of woman's face

Here are step by step draw and sketch female face:
figure, art, nurse, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, tutorial

figure, art, nurse, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, tutorial

figure, art, nurse, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, tutorial

figure, art, nurse, body, breasts, cartoon, comics, concept, design, drawing, face, girls, how to, illustration, manga, sexy, sketch, tutorial

Watch the video process tutorial, how to draw face

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Genius MousePen 6x8
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
-Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet (new from Wacom!) Economy for everyone.
-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

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Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Face Constructed: How to draw faces

** If you have any basic questions or specific please looked up Q/A section. Most of the time your questions has already been answered in Q/A.

If you need any help or support you can
-post questions or comment on the post (seems to be the fastest way to get response)


Chris said…
Very very nice man, it looks great and so was the tutorial. Thanks!
Luca said…
agreed 100% with Chris. The video processes are awesome!

knights and brothers (sisters) I have a photoshop problem... do you think I shall post it on the community page too? I really need some help!

Thanks & Peace!
dahaca6022 said…
Looks fantastic!
In a week I am gonna draw as well.
I can still draw with the broken arm but slower.
Sanna said…
You always manage to put the highlights so nicely.. I'm especially thinking about upper lip this time. You are an inspiration every day.
Anonymous said…
hi xia, i have not been able to find the answer to this.. i bought your gun girl tutorial.. and it was very educational... but u have yet to explain how do u merge ur layers .. when u set it to a blending mode such as overlay and multiply.. when i merge them.. they loose their effect and messes up the whole drawing.. please tell us how u merge without loosing the effects... thank you so much
pokepetter said…
Merge from the bottom up. Make the layer underneath merge with the one above.

I usually don't merge the layers, but if I'm going to edit the image as a whole, I'll group all the layers together, copy the group and merge it.
Anonymous said…
pokepetter theres no way to merge up.. theres only three options of merging and that aint one of them.

maybe u can explain further.. it seems the only way to retain the effect of the blend mode is to flatten the image...

but xia doesnt do that.. based on his videos. he either does multiply layer or overlay.. draws with the mode.. merge down with no ill effect. when i do it and alot of others.. the effect is gone and messes it up. it either becomes darker or lighter depending on the blend mode.
pokepetter said…
Ok. You'll have to merge with a normal layer, and not with additional multiply or overlay layers.

If not it will merge and set the blending mode to the layer it was merged to and therefore changing the effect.
Luca said…
anonymous > the effect of the layer changes because you merge them together and not with a normal layer. If you have 3 layers, let's say Normal, Multiply and Overlay and you want to merge them you have to merge either the multiply or the Overlay with the normal and then merge the other remaining layer with the normal layer again. Basically merge only with normal layers if you don't want to see changes!

Hope you succeed... it shouldn't be that complicated!

XIA said…
Chris & luca> Thanks brother!
Hoping everyday that the next one will be better than the last but it's really hard to consistently do that.

dahaca> Left arm could use, but it probably slow and crooked, though it will help you think about the lines you put down more. Get well soon brother!

sanna> Thank you dear, I am glad I can be useful. The edge of the upper lip are usually get the highlights. Notice when you are talking to people or people watching you will see what I mean. :)

anonymous>> Sorry about that. That's why I put the note on the tutorial says "**It is recommended that you previously watched *Female Figure I and *Female Figure II " reason because they are slower in process. But the girl with gun is a bit faster.

**You should also state that you watch more than once if you are really a beginner and never use PS before.

Thank you fellow brothers pokepetter and luca for trying to help us out. :) They are right!!!
Anyway, you have to watch it again, I usually copy the background (base) layer then put them in the folder as I make more layers. In the beginning there will be some multiply, overlay layer, but then after I arranged the basic value and comp, I merge them all down to the base layer.
Then after that I just start painting over and use normal layer if needed.
Everything you do will pretty much involve around the base layer. Not the other way around. :)
*You can only merge multiply or overlay...any layer other than normal to the base without altering the effect.
Be patient and keep drawing and painting.
These are just a very basic stuff, the more you do soon it will become your second nature.

Pokepetter> Well explain, thanks
luca> thanks for helping us out brother.
negar said…
simple and beautiful as always :X
I love fast sketches ,I think they look more artistic..
Anonymous said…
thanks alot pokepetter and luca and of course my hero xia.. ill keep supporting u! about the site being to bright.. its pure white! it hurts my eyes esp reading neon green text! i have to wear sunglasses. literally.. its ok if u dont change it.. but it looked cool b4 and didnt' hurt my eyes. same feeling i get if i paint on a white background *ouch*

im not a beginner.. im well versed and know all the shortcuts and actions blah blah.. this was just one thing i never understood..

the thing is i have been merging with a normal layer below it.. but the normal layer was transperent cuz of the brush. so it didn't work..

the base layer needs to full be 100% opacity or u will see some weird stuff happening

thanks alot everyone!

Knuckles930 said…
Looks great, but I'll have to check
the tutorial some other time, battery
is almost dead...

When time premits, Ill post some
photo's ext.
XIA said…
negar> Thank you dear. It might be more real because it contains a lot energy and rawness of the untamed line work and such. Kind of like gesture sketch of life drawing looks more lively than 5 hours figure drawing ones. (most of the time from my experience).

Anonymous> Cool brother, glad the layers confusion has been clarify. If you have any more question, feel free post them on the blog. I am sure we can also clear that up for ya.
The site background is actually #f8f8ff (light blue gray), close to #FFFFFF (white) but not actually. You have the point of painting on the white background, I will see what I can do.
But for sure I will watch out not to have any neon green text in there.

Knuckles> Great to see you back bro! Photos would be awesomely inspiring.
dahaca6022 said…
now that I see her better the woman you drew looks like...Maria-my gym teacher.Are you sure you didnt use a ref :)
paan said…
hello...can i know wat kind of brush that you use in your painting??? can i download it?? its looks so great
XIA said…
dahaca> that was her?!!! :)

paan> here good luck.