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James Bond retro movie posters, inspiration for artists

James Bond retro movie posters, inspiration for artists. Slick and cool artistic creation from the old days.

People often ask me, where do I get inspiration from. So I decided other than other awesome artists that I plan to list them up on the blog. Also many Manga, comics, Anime series and music alike. I often look around for cool visual stimulating stuffs from all over the internet and the real world. These are very cool movie posters from James Bond I found browsing around the internet, hope you enjoy them also.
And yes, tons of slick illustration of women...These artists are packed with serious skillz!

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

Art by Robert McGinnis

Art by Renato Fratini

BTW: let me know guys if pose like this will be useful or if you are interested in subject matter? Feedback and comment are always welcome here, don't be shy. ;)

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Luca said…
To tell you the truth these don't inspire me that much, although nice women are always appreciated! :)
Regarding this matter... I remember how much I loved to watch the old days posters of Bruce Lee's films. If you search for the original drawings for the movies you'll notice that the head is like drawn apart... it doesn't blend with the body- check it out!

These days I want to practice (A LOT!) on environments because I'm always drawing anime stuff and creating monsters, warriors, demons and other creatures. Now I want to make some environments- so if you can maybe post some more documentated videos of environments, I'll appreciate a lot!

Thanks brother- regards to Doug! ;)

XIA said…
Luca> True, I guess it depends on the day that you will be inspire or hype about certain subject.
I will try to dig around and see what I can come up with about environmental stuff. Me too really need to practice on that more and more. :)
Carlos Ranna said…
Hey, those posters are freakkin awesome! And it´s not just the James Bond movies. Many movies from the 30´s to the 80´s (and even some from after that...) have some pretty mean illustrations! As Xia said, guys packed with serious skills....