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Super Giant Robots of the 70's and 80's we should know.

Super cool Giant Robots of the 70's and 80's we should know.
Tetsujin 28 or Giantor! One of the top 100 Manga we should know.

Here are some giant robots of the past that I really dig. They are the true innovative heros.

Gigantor is the American adaptation of the anime version of Tetsujin 28-go, a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama released in 1956.

The series is set in the "future" year of 2000. A boy named Jimmy Sparks is the nephew of Dr. Bob Brilliant and lives with him on a remote island. Jimmy usually wears shorts and a jacket, carries a firearm and occasionally drives a car. Jimmy fights crime around the world with the help of a huge remote-controlled robot, Gigantor. The robot is made of steel, and has a rocket-powered backpack for flight, a pointy nose, eyes that never move, and incredible strength, but no intelligence (although in one episode when fighting a smoke bot he started to tap his head as if trying to think). Whoever has the remote control controls Gigantor.

The 2004 version of the anime takes place after WWII. According to this version, the robots where supposed to be made for the Axis. But the Axis never agreed to use them, and they shut down the project after that the robots went rogue and disappeared along with their creators.

There is a notable resemblance between the characters of Jimmy and Gigantor and the characters of the boy Hogarth and the giant robot in Ted Hughes' well-known children's book The Iron Man, which was published in 1968. It is not known whether Hughes ever saw the Gigantor series.

Who is YOUR FIRST Giant Robot?
What Giant Robot did you first expose to? I would like to know, feel free to post on the comment.

* Do tell because, perhaps, I will draw or paint for your very first Giant Robot one by one along the list! Well, with a little tweak if I see fit my style. :)

-Mazinger, Great Mazinger
-GoldRake or Grendizer
-Jet Jaguar from the Gozilla
-Shogun Warriors

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Luca said…
it has quite a nice design for a robot created in the 70-80's, though that pointed nose just ruins his face in my opinion!
Anyways good peice of info, its always good to know about these things especially for us artist!

dahaca said…
luca > agreed!
I bet the third picture is by Xia
Luca said…
dahaca > I believe that the third picture is not a drawing but most proably a PVC Figure...

XIA said…
Luca> It is the beginning of all so yeah, the design is way back. There is a version in the 1980 without pointy nose. That's right it's a PVC toy.
dahaca> Ha ha, sorry, I wish. But nope, Luca is right it's a pic of its toy. It's somewhat a new version of the old school one.
Luca said…
Ah by the first giant robo is Mazzinga- don't know if its name in enlish is the same so here is a picture of it!

Chris said…
Well the first is hard to say... the first that I can remember is Jet Jaguar from the Gozilla movie.

... Oh and I personally like the pointy nose of that guy, especially in his action figure form.
El Dude said…
Very good question of which I cannot recall their names but it was the Shogun Warriors!
Fardawg said…
I believe my first giant robot was Voltron. I laugh watching those shows today but I was actually afraid when I was a kid.
XIA said…
Eldude> I love shogu warrior design

Fardawg> Voltron is awesome!!!