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Art of immobilization pressure points Kung Fu comics manga Kapow Express

Pressure points immobilization Kung Fu comics manga Kapow Express.

Hello, boys and we are at page 14. Since there are some concern I increase the age of the main character, Mei a bit so it's suitable for us all. You can go back and read the previous script I've changed. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestion...

Anyway, there are not much going on yet, they are still pounding each other in Mr Chow's Noodle restaurant. Though the hidden skills revealing a little. Read on...

Kapow Express page 14
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To be continued AGAIN next Friday!

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Now, what will happen next? You can and should feel free to give me some idea or feedback. I usually do implement some of our readers' great ideas, NO LIEs. :)

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Chris said…
Terrific stuff man, this is one of my favourite panels.

A few corrections:

4th panel: "not much damages" to "not much damage"

6th: "all you've gotten?" to "all you've got?"

7th: "you striked them" to "you struck them"

and also: "Never thought kid like you have such skill." to "Never thought a kid like you would have such skill" (I know that's gonna be tricky to fit in but it's the I can come up with)

I personally love the muted or earthy colours, makes those bits of red text really pop out.

Enjoy your weekend!
Luca said…
Nice one man... so those pressure points immobilize the enemies! Ah will they cause their body to explode after a couple of seconds like kenshiro? :) from a restaurant it'll turn into a butchery! lol

I really like the perspective you did on Mei while she's jumping!

Happy weekend:)

dahaca6022 said…
LOL! the funny-face-man is like s vampire in the fourth panel.I like the prespective when Mei is jumping and crouching .The secund panel is awesome.You can add a "Ahhh,my feet!"
to the immobilized henchmen.
Xia can you please draw very detailly how Mei kicks the funny-face-man in the face or the...never mind.It'd awesome if he says "Jesus H Christ!"
negar said…
really like the last panel.and this time the coloring is awesome ...
I always have problem with my brushes while I`m coloring,I made more than 20 brush but none of them works for me :(
I wish you could put some of your brushes specially the pencil brush in the blog,and tell which one is
suitable for what..
anyway nice work as always ,I can`t wait till next Friday ;)
Knuckles930 said…
dahaca6022 > I don't think, looking at the time the story goes, that they would refer to Christ, but rather to one of the local deities. ;)

negar > The featured tutorials have some of Xia's custom brushes with them. So I would recommend getting some of those, since they also help keeping up the website.

As for the story keep going. =D
Knuckles930 said…
Also I think the spelling shouldn't be corrected for the assassin, kind of suits him I think.
XIA said…
negar> Knuckle already answer you. :)
Knuckle> thanks for saving my butts again brother! :)