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A female face quick render sketch

A female face quick render sketch.

Just for now today. :)
The video (FREE) and step by step tutorial for this one is coming tomorrow.
Have been very busy lately.

Thanks all your idrawgirls troopers for feedback (You know who you are)

For today. A portrait of a girl. :) It's been a while since I really draw girl.

Peace!!! *Tut for this coming tomorrow, be patient.

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Luca said…
ah man you're good and also her hair is soo nice! We're patience! :)

If possibly include some additional info in the video regarding her hair pls!

Btw... I saw your dragon tutorial and you know you gave me inspiration again... hope to have a satisfying result this time -_-

Thanks man!
Chris said…
Hey Xia, another question, and a big one so I don't mind if you don't have the time or whatever (don't know what's up with me at the moment!). In your Dragon Tutorial at the end you say that your piece as an illustration could work as an image in a book, but not as a cover.

What would you have to do in order for it to be cover-worthy? Would you have to add more detail or tighten up the brush marks, or is it more along the lines of a more dynamic composition/pose?

If it's easier, is there an example of your (or someone else's) work that you can use to point out the things that make it cover-worthy, or essentially finished.
pokepetter said…
She's nice, but her shoulder might be taking too much attention.
dahaca6022 said…
You have outdone yourself again Xia!!!Very nice and beautiful!!!
Now that im here i wanna ask you
...can i do a presentation about you for a school project.cuz you inspire me and all.Of course if you say "no" it's ok.I still have Sparta and the Prince of Persia.
Sanna said…
YES! A girl at last. I have been waiting. :) Looking forward to the tutorial as well.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, I am so glad the tutorial I put out serve its purpose! Congratz!

Chris> Daniel Dociu stuff would be something cover worthy, almost every single piece.
Most concept art are not cover worthy because of its rawness and energy in nature unless it's a concept art book.
I tend to look at finished illustration or good finished oil painting as example for finished art. Look up John Foster, Phil Hale, John Singer Sargent, Ander Zorn.
The reason I said the dragon's not meant to be a cover because 1) Pose and composition: I intended it to serve as a tutorial of how to create a character/creature concept and visualize design which most of the time we put them in static poses, not dynamic poses (dynamic poses often involve perspective and angle that might hide some of the main feature which is not good for doing concept because we cannot easily see or define)
2) It wasn't taken far enough to the finished illustration point. It's too loose and too conceptualize. What I could do from that point on is at most make it a finished illustration...clean it up, simplify the overall value, and tighten up the detail and brush strokes. Even if it is finished, to me it's still not interesting enough composition and dynamic.
3) The tutorial is only two hours. The total time I spend on the piece is approx six wasn't complete enough. For a great piece, you have to do a lot of thumbnails, finding poses, and looking for edgy dynamic composition...something other than typical static character design. You also have to give it more story, curiosity and emotion.
Those are my three critical points of How I see it and why I mention as I did on the vid.
Did I make any sense?

Pokepetter> You are right, now that I notice, it's fix and now on the next POST with Video!!!

dahaca> Thanks brother, let me know the detail via e-mail. But personally, I would do Sparta or Prince of Persia instead because it is more valuable to you and others. Knowledge is power.

sanna> Thank you dear, :) Yes, now that I think about has been a while since I last draw girl. I am sure more are coming because I love them all. :)

Chris said…
Thanks alot Xia it made perfect sense. I suppose I could have made an educated guess about these points, but why guess when you can just ask and be sure?

Have a nice day/night or whatever it is in America at the moment.