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Funny Manga online comics Kapow Express update Friday!

Funny Manga online comics Kapow Express update Friday!

Here is an update on you most favorite online Manga comics Kapow Express page 015
Kapow Express, Manga, online, comics, comix, kung fu, anime, assassin, action,
To be continued AGAIN next Friday!

-Online Manga Kapow Express page #014
Or For page 1-10 goto Online Manga

Now, what will happen next? You can and should feel free to give me some idea or feedback. I usually do implement some of our readers' great ideas, NO LIEs. :)

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Genius MousePen 6x8
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
-Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet (new from Wacom!)
Economy for everyone.
-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

New tutorials:
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-Drawing Gypsy dancer female
-Drawing and shading face and head
-Draw quick comics panel using values and composition.
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-Concept Art tutorial, magma river lava environment.

Dragon Creature design tutorial
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Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
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** If you have any basic questions or specific please looked up Q/A section. Most of the time your questions has already been answered in Q/A.


pokepetter said…
Hehe. This one is funny. The drawings are really good. :D
dahaca6022 said…
Luna said…
I love the multiple expressions Mei has in this page. The technique is very cool as well.
Chris said…
Brilliant expressions and poses man, just brilliant.

It would read alot better in the last panel though if you said "It's child play!, I perfected" and left out the move part.

How do you find the time to do all this? Oh and I hope I'm right in saying Happy Thanksgiving to all you cats in America.

Although I guess you might not celebrate it what with not being born there. I just don't know!
Luca said…
the story is getting much interesting brother! I like the 4th panel! ;)

Well done!
dahaca6022 said…
who doesn't!!By the way where is Xia?
He hasn't left a comment ever since!
I bet he is working on something really remarkable and fresh!
By the second way!I have a comic too!
It's in my sketch book.Only eight panels and i can't think of a name for the comic and characters.I even forgot i have a comic.It's a Sci fi monster killing comedy.maybe i should
try to draw and render it digitally..
huh?Will you want do read another comic or just for now lets read Xia's.By the third way!Can you draw how the funny face man(too long!I am gonna call him "ffm" for now)is kicked and then he hits his boss.then big bow is going to say:I will lower your rank!
then FFm will say"Damn you little girl! and get hit in the face.
dahaca6022 said…
NO WAIT!don't let anyone touch his face!!!oh and why in th first panel one of his teeth is bigger and in the last panel his other tooth is bigger?make him in love with his swords or his hat >"Nooo!MY swords!!!
dahaca6022 said…
or is it the prespective?
XIA said…
Pokepetter> Thanks bro, I just go with the silliness of the flow. I will keep them silly but a bit serious at the same time.

dahaca> Thanks, so far I like it too. I would though like to implement more environmental into it, but never can make it in time. :)

Luna> Thanks, I am working really hard to try to captivate whatever Pixar has inspire me. I love "The Incredible" so much.

Chris> I've been trying to study and observe whatever I can get from Pixar movie especially "the incredible" team. Love their expression and character designs. I am very big on that aspect. Also I would like to do more environmental designs, scene, sets in this baby.
BTW: God give me a few more hours in a day than other people because I was being good and I am his favorite. Happy holiday to you.

Luca> Thanks bro, I will try to keep it that way even more so.

Dahaca> I am drunk and pass out somewhere on the internet. I am glad you are inspired to do comics, it will keep you a good artist if you always keep doing it. Great ideas you feed me by the way, lots of great idea I could possibly implement. Thanks bro! Just called him "Goofy".
About the sword, you should wait and see what happen to Mei's sword? :) Did you remember she has one? Some cool things is coming up.