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Some new character sketches and design for Manga Kapow Express.

Some new character sketches and design for Manga Kapow Express.

Some random character study for Kapow Express. Some more additional characters are much needed for many things to come in the comics. These are just really quick doodle, nothing set in stone...just ideas flowing around that push my hand to sketch them out.

1) Some dude...donno where to put him yet.
character sketch male, kapow express, manga

2)An old lady from some clan, possibly bad @$$ old fart.
character sketch female, kapow express, manga

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Luca said…
Brother I suggest you that you make that dude a great martial artist (maybe drunken boxing too!)... he's got an awesome look in his eyes (deep!)
I like it brother :) Well done

Chris said…
I like the one with his hair down the most. More brooding.
dahaca6022 said…
give him an iron fist or leg and there you have a notorious headhunter who is interested only in getting his fist or leg back from big bow(but as i said in my last annoying comment(i don't remember which one)big bow should escape).and make Mei like him(not love but like his fighting style)
Luca nice portrait!Put your signature on it because it looks like a photograph!very fine!
XIA said…
Luca> As if you read my mind, he's the great Monkey. And yes, he is a free spirit guy who love to drink. :) Well, he won't appear any time soon. I am still working on the look.

Chris> Brooding is good, good idea. I will have to redesign the downward hair a bit more. It needs something captivating.

dahaca> He won't be in this scene so chances are Big Bow won't get to meet him yet. It's still a while until then. :)
Luca said…
ha haaa! Brother we've got things in common! :) I could read your mind from thousands of miles away... -_=