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Demon Princess illo

Demon Princess illo...

Maybe some of you have seen it if you ever been to my personal site. I found it while transferring file onto new drive. I don't think I ever post this one on the blog. So I thought I would share it with ya.

It's was done in 2006, took me a totally of a week or so to figure out things and things.

Demon Princess.

witch, demon, princess, monster, concept, drawing, sketch


Parka said…
Amazing concept and design. Love the use of the skull as a bra. Nice touch.
Chris said…
Yes I've seen this one before! Love those colours too, I seem to be into pinkish colours at the moment.
Luca said…
Xia OH MY...! mAN YOU'RE AWESOME! Maybe I've seen it, but I forgot it... you should make another one with such rifined detail and make a tutorial of it (if you've got time!)

Well done brother!

dahaca6022 said…
Seen it!I never get tired of looking at those fine artwork.
XIA said…
Parka> Thanks Bro! I know, what was I thinking

Chris, Luca, & dahaca > I thought I hide it pretty well, but oh guys are good. Pinkish is good. As for the tutorial like this, will take a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to do and to watch. Most of the tutorial, I either spend 15- 30 mins or as for feature less than 6 hours. That's gonna be hard to pull off.