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Quick Sketch landscape village and tree brushes

How to draw quick Sketch landscape village and using tree PS brushes free download and video tutorial.
This tutorial show you how to do a quick loosely landscape color sketch. Also I will show you how to use a free Photoshop custom tree shape brushes. Good PS custom brushes are cool, but still you need to know how to place them and make them work in the setting you create using basic values, composition, and color harmony. You have to make it your own unique style and taste for your own illustration, concept, Manga or art.

Here is a final Color Sketch: Village

Here are step by step quick color sketch Village

drawing, how to, sketch, landscape, color, paint, photoshop

drawing, how to, sketch, landscape, color, paint, photoshop

drawing, how to, sketch, landscape, color, paint, photoshop

drawing, how to, sketch, landscape, color, paint, photoshop

drawing, how to, sketch, landscape, color, paint, photoshop

Watch the video Process Tutorial: Quick Color Sketch Village

PS Brushes Download for the tutorial
This is a brush set I use to create silhouette of buildings: PS Brushes Download Building Block
These are brushes for trees and branches I use: Tree Brushes Download for Photoshop

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Toxic said…
Hey i was wondering what brush you used to make the leaves of the trees thanks
Anonymous said…
Oh maaaan...

Looks like I missed a bunch of good videos. I just wondered why you did not post anything on your deviantart page. So I decided if something is going on here on idrawgirls. And voilá... :D

Good as always. Your videos always make pop up crazy and new ideas. You seem to master quite a lot of styles / things. So your tutorials are also very multifaceted and one can really learn a lot. I'd write some admiring words at every published thing but I fear you'd see that as annoying spam ^^

I better check out idrawgirls more regulary from now on. :>
XIA said…
Toxic> I didn't think about that. Them brushes that you can use are coming up for download! Stay tune!

Anonymous> Bro, Now it's time to get a user name I think. I told you we update almost everyday. :)
Thanks for the kind comments, now we will see each other more. Browse on the right side column, you can catch up on what you miss. I should update the thumbnails section sometime soon.
Agostino said…
awesome!!!! *_* O________O

do you have a link of download of your brush? pleaseeeeeeeeeee XD
Luca said…
good man... nice to see more environmental stuff! And a couple of weeks ago I draw a pagoda (on my blog) and I did all the roof-tops one-by-one! You did them on a couple of seconds! :)

By the way, hope your tooth is ok! ;)

XIA said…
Agostino> Flatten the round brushes, then you will have it.

Luca> The more brushes you make for your own use when you do environmental design. The better and the quicker you will get. Try to make more that is similar to mine, then you will have tons of pagoda
Agostino said…
thanksssss, you are the best!!!! =D
XIA said…
Agostino> Ur welcomez, any time bro!