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Top 10 creative superbowl ads 2009

Top 10 creative superbowl ads 2009. These are my pick of commercial that I really like during superbowl. They are creative, cunning, inspiring...well, these ten commercial suit my taste.
These probably are the best of the best creative teams who came up with these memorable and cool ads so that we would actually enjoy watching them instead of avoiding them like we usually do with most advertisements. High production value stuffs.

Let me know which one you like. :)

I hope you enjoy them
1) Coca-cola Heist:

2) Coca-cola Avatar

3) Audi The Chase

4) BridgeStone: Astronauts

5)Pepsi Max: I am good

6)Doritos Power of the Crunch

7) Pixar UP (I cannot wait for this movie, it looks so COOL!)

8) Transformer II

9) StarTrek the movie Usually I don't really care for The Franchise, but J.J. Abram's directing it? I am very excited to see the direction of this movie!!! So far it looks so good!

Longer version: StarTrek The Movie 2009
10)Monster Double take

Well, that's all friends.

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Knuckles930 said…
Ah, now thats good stuff!
Antuniey said…
Great tutorial. I wanted to ask a favor. make a design for me. I already have the design, you could improve for me? (I do not speak English well, I'm Brazilian) got some e-mail? respond to this e-mail me, please.