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Digital painting tutorial process warrior woman update

Digital painting tutorial process warrior woman update.

Here is another update on the little project that I am going to complete. I was indecisive mid way thru so I change her pose and did another comp. Then I took a break for a few days and I didn't think the new one fits my vision of the whole thing. So I decide to stick to the original hesitate however it might turns out to be.

Here is another comp I did out of confusion and in the end it didn't fit my vision.

Here is the original one that I reworked a bit more and now I am going to stick to my original idea.

Zoom in of the guard dog that I painted today. :)
More to come...thanks for the all the help, ideas and feedback guys.

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Luca said…
brother brother!!! You are truly leaving me with no words!!! I can't express how much I admire you! the second one (blk & wht) is like finished for me. wow!!

how about that guardian dog.... and those AWESOME rocks... incredible!
I think only a miracle will get me this good...
I hope you plan a feat. tut. for this ;)

By the way, I have been following Kekai these days (another superb artist), does he use the same brushes and technique as yours? I think you know him well right?! Unlike you do, he RARELY replies to the comments he receives on his blog...bit disappointing

Thanks brother, and keep it up, you are truly a GREAT point of reference for me!
Chris said…
I doubt my teachers could paint aswell as this, nice cross breed of guard dog there :)

I know how you do these pieces, but I still can't figure out how you do the details so well! Especially when you tend not to zoom in too close.

Also, you have an intuous3 pen or something right? Doy ou knwo how to change the sensitivity on it? I've noticed that in CS3 my lines are really wavey up close, I can't tell whether it's my hands or a too sensitive pen.
Andrew Wong said…
Hmm... I think I like your original idea more too. Something about the way the hammer sweeps across the space and is counterbalanced by the rhythm in her legs makes it really dynamic.

@Chris: For details in fully-rendered work, a little value change goes a long way in making things look detailed. I think the reason Xia seems to not zoom in so much is because it is more important to make sure your values read than it is to draw fine details up close.

For your pen sensitivity, there is a program called Wacom Tablet Properties that is installed with the tablet drivers. You should be able to calibrate your pen and set up buttons, etc.
pokepetter said…
Is it just me or are you going with the lava landscape very often. Teach us to be spontaneous, not staying in the safe zone :)

The pic is really nice though. No doubt about that.

Chris > for drawing, try to draw long,fast and consistent lines. When painting you can try to set the opacity to pen pressure. Makes a soft dynamic painting experience. Line placement is way more important than line quality by the way.
Knuckles930 said…
The first one, the armour looks great. I really like the colours. Contrasts nicely with the warmer darker background.

As for a announcement for everyone from the community. I'm going to Indonesia for 6 months within a few weeks. So that means, like last time when I was in Egypt, you going to have to do without me. More info coming later.
Luca said…
Sorry guys, but I just came across this and couldn't resist from sharing it with you! I know it has nothing to do with drawing but as soon as I saw Ironman, I remembered Xia's Painting of him... here it is:

Chris said…
Thanks Andy, I don't know why I didn't find that earlier!
Xeik said…
lol, i love the guard dogs. The fact that you chose NOT to go ith the cliched wolf is what makes them even more interesting. I myself, still trying to get to my ideal painting style in photoshop. college makes me want to study more than just photoshop though, currently studying with materials for a class project. but anyways. Keep us updated dude, andi cant wait till the video is released =o
pokepetter said…
Congratulations with over 6 million copies of Guild Wars sold.
Silver Knight said…
really helpful tips!
snow said…
This is great Xia.

I agree with Luca, I hope you're making a feature tutorial on this! Would be great for it to even start at scratch to show an entire concept process from an artist in the field!

But either way this is great, thanks as usual!

(cough... sidenote...make sure they don't go with the idea of not having a level cap in gw2.. cough) XD.
Chris said…
You play GW too snow? I think if they dont go with a level cap you would still have a max set of stats you can achieve, but each one after that just gives you a numerical value and nothing else, just to indicate how long the char has been in use.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks for the kind words. Well, most professional artists usually make their own custom brushes to make it however they like. Kekai has been doing digital art longer than I have. Very good artist also very busy making concept for us. You can e-mail him questions and stuff, I don't think he minds. Same as Doug they are very busy.

Yeah I saw that video also, HOW COULD I NEVER thought of doing BRuce Lee speed painting I don't know. possibly NEXT!

Chris> Thanks :) I think people just paint differently and see different things thru different lenses. As for the detail *Andrew Wong is correct, little values go a long way. You zoom out to check the overall values of the whole thing...then maintain the detail area with the values that is there...don't go over or under where it supposed to be.
Zoom in too much tend to be very dangerous if one don't control the overall values. It's tricky...and sometimes it's tempting to put too much where it doesn't need to be.

Level cap? That's a long has its benefit, but also big flaw.

Andrew> Thanks for the feedback and tips. You are right on the spot. Yeah, I stick with the original idea...cuz I think I shouldn't sway by array of thoughts. The mind stop and go. If you ever read Takuan (the Unfettered Mind: the writting of Zen Master to Sword Master) Hesitation often result in being cut. So now I am just trying to stick thru the initial thought and believe in it. And make the clean cut all the way thru since it wasn't a bad idea, just like a strike...donno if that make any sense. Good book though, not art related but it probably could help.

Xeik>Thanks broher. Every here and then...ideas comes. Sometimes it is very difficult to make things unique...lots of research and inspirations sources. But try hard enough...often get the result you look for.

Pokepetter> Yes, brother. :) This one I have some weird idea in mind...good thing I did a lot of practice with Magma and Ice. I love the extreme nature condition, it fascinate me. Sorry if it's get too repetitive, but it just get so interesting to look at for me.
But I think you won't be disappoint for the the idea of the particular environment I am coming up with, just wait. :)
6 mil copy? Wow, Just heard it on Friday. thx for the news.

Knuckle> Brother? Have fun on the trip...Do you ever stay still in one place? You are going everywhere...I am jealous. Haven't travel a long trip in a long while. Some day soon, I miss it. :)

Silver Knight> You are welcome, see you soon. Stop by any time.

Snow> I am hoping...just to finish it first, it's been a while since I do anything all the way to finish. It takes longer than I think it is.

Sorry for slow update. I have an old friend from grade school visiting me for a week's a lot of stuff to do balancing everything. But soon!!!

Cheers and thanks for all the support and comment!
Luca said…
Xia> Thanks brother for your replies... I believe one of the BEST things you've got in here is the communication and feedback you have with your followers... For me that was one of the first things that sticked me here (apart from the awesome art tutorials!)
I will email Kekai as well as Doug, and I hope to get something from them as well. For me learning from such awesome artits like you is better then bread! :)
I bet now you've pictured how much I want to learn...

Regarding to Bruce Lee... yeah it's the same thing for me... shame of me! Been training martial arts for soo long and never painted the Legend!
pokepetter said…
Thanks Xia for putting effort in replying so detailed. I know how muck work it is. Greatly appreciated.

Luca > that's the attitude :)

"People paint for various reasons.
Some people seek the joy they
experience during the process,
whilst others are eager to reveal their
feelings through their painting. There
are people who tell stories through
brushes, sometimes even with the ambition that their
paintings might make the whole world a better place! It is
a media and a universal language that people have been
using for an extensive length of time."
- Jason Juan
snow said…
Xia & Chris > sorry I don't meant to sidetrack! but no level cap is what makes people addicted, like getting the best items in WoW. I'd hate to feel always compelled to play the game to have the highest stat points or whatever (I guess it's my personality)! why I like GW1!

Add me on GW if you like Chris: Ruby Li

Knuckles930 said…
Indeed thanks for the replies, but I take it you had a nice week.

As for me here things are booked and scedualed for Friday. From than on you going to have to keep an eye on the community also. But I think it can manage it self quite well also. If you check your hotmail you can see what I did with the invitation form.

As for the level cap in games, I don't think it makes much difference. Its scaling, 100% divided over 20 levels or 100. In the end its the same.

I would like to join you all in GWs but since I'm leaving soon anyway I don't think it would be much use.
Luca said…
People over here... could you please give me some good reasons why should I start playing GW ? Usually I don't play PC games (more fanatic of playstation).I know its a shame of me! :) I know that Guild Wars has AWESOME CG's and super detailed graphics (apart from the awesome artwork -- obviously! -_-)

Is it only an online game? Some great things of the game for such success...? Thanks in advance!
snow said…
It's I guess hard to "sum up" why it's so good. Yes it is only an online game, but it's pay once and that's it, not monthly.

I LOVE the the style of art work both 3D and 2D. The graphics are great, and can run on quite low system specs. Bare in mind, the game is getting somewhat old I guess, so graphics aren't amazing compared to recent games, but it still looks beautiful. The art side is a huge inspiration for my 3D Game Art course.

The storyline is great. You never get that grind feeling like in WoW. There's so many different places to explore and things to do.

They also have frequent events which are great fun! PvP is also very well designed.

There's so much to it I can't really sum it up. But I am most looking forward to GW2, only because I have played GW for a long long time!

Do I get commission for this Xia? :)

Knuckles930 said…
Why? Because its based on stuff made by Xia. ;)

Like Snow said its free from
monthly charge, which I think is a
good thing.
Graphics might be a bit outdated,
but still looking good. Though I'm
also still fan of Red Alert...

For PvE, these days it might not
be as full as it used to be, but
you can still use NPCs to get
around. Once you get to know
people it will be more easy.

Story lines are nice, total of 3
individual chapters and one
expention pack.

PvP is also good, lot of variants
of it. I prefer the Alliance
Battles, which are kinda like
Domination in Unreal.

I would suggest to download the
client and try. Not sure if there
is a trial with it though.

Compaired to other MMORPGs I can't
really tell much since GWs was the
first MMORPG I bought, and still play.
Knuckles930 said…
*with Red Alert, I mean the first one.