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Warlord Warrior and her Guard Dog creature concept design

Warlord Warrior female or girl and her Guard Dog creature concept design.
Here we go the journey continue. I am exploring other element of this illustration going to be.

At the moment I am trying to find appropriate poses
the second horrible quick comp is her two guard dogs and bat pet behind her. they are all her sidekicks.
These are more process of trying to find the pose I am looking for

Here is what I have in mind for the composition since I had the pose nailed above.
Then I will go on and play around with the thumbnails, apply color and composition and see what it would look like. At this stage if you have more time you can be daring and experiment more with more color combinations ( Monochromatic color scheme, Analogous color scheme, Complimentary color scheme, basic and more on the blog.)

here is what I come up for the color scheme, more like complimentary so far.
*It can still be changed at this stage...
Now I am exploring creature design or her pet Guard Dogs. I still didn't really find what I am looking for so I am going to have to do more thumb sketches.

Thank for all the previous feedback guys. Your input are very valuable and give me ideas and venues that I sometimes miss. More feedback are welcome. Have a great weekend.

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Luca said…
Xia that last color thumbnail is Great... I am sure that it will be a great illustration! Can I ask you if what you're posting these days is the way that you approach professionally? I mean, if you have a customer of a project at work, will this be your approach?

By the way, what do you think of my "skulls" painting I posted on the community... you like it? If you can suggest me anything that may help feel free to do it!

William said…
Hello Xia!

I'm a big fan of your work - I've already bought the 2 face constructed series of videos. Would it be possible for you to put out an OIL PAINTING video for portraits? I'd be very happy to pay to download it.

Most videos for oil painting are expensive - $50 to $150 or more. I'm all the way in Brazil so it's hard for me to get things shipped through customs, plus I'm poor - I'd like to learn to paint portrait in oils from you. You can probably record using a canon digital camera on an sd card or something similar. The market for oil painting instruction is very good I think.

Or even if you could put out a few pointers on your blog on how to use oil paints to make portraits (as there are several differences in the techniques, color mixing, etc). Thank you very much.

Knuckles930 said…
We a subject time , than for paper sketching.

The digital tutorials are, compaired to those, easy to make since it doesn't require the vast amounds of extra work.

And in the end the here you can use with any medium.
Chris said…

This painting is shaping up to be pretty awesome! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished result with that giant hammer.

You probably are already aware that having the bat behind her like that makes it look like she has wings rather than a pet? But then if the bat was slightly above or to the side of her it would look like it was about to bite her!

Those guard dog ideas juxtaposed against the lady warrior reminds me of Danika's fungal wallow pets in GW slightly.
XIA said…
Luca> I hope so, it will be good I think, but I am hoping to break my ceiling because I have not done illustration in a while. As for the process, yes... my concept process for real production or freelance are as shown in these posts. Though it depends on how much time do I have (dateline) to explore and also how inspired the project is to me. :) I don't do freelance anymore, blogging is more fun and in the long run is better for my own brand.

William> Thanks for your kind words. I wish I could do that. I haven't paint in oil for 2 years now, it will take me a while to get back in. And it isn't my area of expertise yet :)
The materials are also a lot more expensive in the long run...and the process (prep and such) other than painting itself takes too long for my taste (though I really enjoy it if I have more time in my life style)
I could point you into the right direction. Get the book "Alla Prima" by Richard Schmidt from Amazon. It's one of the best book from the real master painter. (he might also have a DVD)
As far as painting process (DVD) I would get Jeremy Lipking's DVD or attend his workshop.
Also you could go to Aaron Coberly blog and ask him a bunch of question on oil and technique for free. He paint at least once a week.
If you wait for mine, it will take at least 5 years...:) I need to know what I am doing first.
Basically the principle are the same but the actual execution and application are very different.
Thanks and good luck

Knuckle> Thanks, I second that.

Chris> What's up brother? Thanks for all he links and I will let you know when I finish (what's it for). :) Thanks for the feedback. I too look forward to do some more and refine it to the point of good. My problem is patience. I need to do more thumbs/ composition test and lighting test...but It seems that my attitude is to rush toward the finish line. Need more discipline and patience. Hopefully it turns out well.
Yep, that's the point of Bat make it so that she looks like she has wings. But I might change my mind on that.
Ops...sseee Yeah..I wonder. I made those ones way back when and also the titans's dog look a like. Canned! Canned! Need to revival another. :) New idea!!!

Any cool creature images post them here! inspire me!!!

William said…
Hi Xia,

Thanks for all the information!

I've just ordered the Alla Prima book from Richard Schimdt's website. I wanna buy J. Lipking's DVD but I'm also considering the DVDs from the - there are several there - would you recommend any of those? I think brazillian customs has problems with anything over $50 so I'm trying to avoid ordering anything more expensive than that.

Hehe - I hope you pull out your oil paints sooner than 5 years.

For creature inspiration I suggest you look at microscopic stuff like mites - there are some pretty cool pictures of mites if you search with google images. Or search for "deepsea fish". From what I've seen most scary monsters are inspired by a mix of several creatures from nature (like the alien).

I hope one day I can make a living painting oil portraits or doing design stuff like you. Thanks again for all the help - your videos are great!
XIA said…
Yeah, I hope you like the Alla Prima. It's been my big help when I seek art wisdom and harmony. Digital or traditional...the principle are the same.

Let me know how it goes!

The institute guy is pretty good at what he does.
Did you ever take a look at Jeremy Lipking?

Good luck, let me know how everything goes! and feel free to post any question and such.

Have a good weekend.