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Warrior Character concept art design process update

Some more Concept art process for Warrior / fighter /Warlord or whatever that is...

Some more refinement on the armor design...

More experimental poses and choice of weapons.
Just really quick mark up trying to brain storming looking for decent stuff before going further.

I have two weapons in mind at this moment.
-Huge ass Hammer (I think it would be a good idea for the rule of contrasting with the character itself.)
-A pair of Chinese butcher knives.

Some different static poses with weapons:

I might still going to explore more shapes if I have any more idea.

I am very indecisive at the moment though I am leaning toward "D"
Some changes on "D" I took one of the shoulder off ( cuz it will be easier to wield the HAMMER around, also it could be an opportunity to show her femininity. And I plan to put huge tattoos there) it's getting close to how I want it. **And with the Demonic hammer that consume demon's spirits. As it consume it also contain the power from its victims and transfer the power to the rightful user.**

YES, she specialize in Demon KILLING and weaker against Machine.

It's really hard to make me happy with the design...perhaps 5-6 more tweaking of the thumbnails.

B & C are not that different just this one smaller shoulder plates
This one is Over size shoulders plates

1) HELP ME PICK on of these from A, B, C, D also tell me why you like it and what could I do the make the design more cool.
-Also you could send me cool link to look at the cool awesome design of stuff that I could apply to the character.

2) nd Hammer or Butcher Knives ? Why?

Thank YOU! :)

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Just passing by said…
Version D armor with a nice big Hammer would look best in my opinion.

Armor D makes her look a lot more femme and less of a body builder and since with that armor one of her arms doesn't have any restrains, while the other has extra weight, it seems logical to add her a single weapon rather then dual ones because the different weight on her arms could throw off her balance while dual wielding equal weapons.

Unless she is really really strong and isn't bothered by that that is :v
Knuckles930 said…
I like the disc on the back, reminds me of those Hindu Deities. Maybe add a tribal tattoo on the head can add some interest. Can't seem to find a decent screen, but in the game Fable they had a good example.

As for the weapons, giant butter knifes. Would add some contrast!
Majur said…
I like the C armor, it makes her look more feminine and strong, at the same time. And I like the Hammer, is too cool! xD
Joris van said…
I like the a-symmetry of D, it gives of a bit of a chaotic vibe.
Add to that Knuckles' comment on the deities, and you got yourself a nice set-up for a character backstory.
Try to find an exotic weapon to match it (trident? Cat-o-nine? Mace?)
Laurghita said…
D, with a quick weapons long knife for fighting and short ones for throwing,... in that unprotected hand and a soldering hammer with the armored hand usable for parry like a shield but also for hitting...
Yarey said…
C armor with the giant hammer looks best in my opinion. Hammer adds the strong tribal look, knives don't cut it i think. Looking awesome so far!
Luca said…
Nice to see you're slowly refining... Personally if you want to keep her femminility I'd go on "D". That naked shoulder just balances and contrasts the armour. Seeing her shoulder plate I just searched a bit for some (hopefully) cool designs. Obviously you'll need to tweak here and there...

Tons of inspirational robotic armour:

As to weapons:

That's all I could find for now... I hope to have helped you in a way or another!

Chris said…
Can I ask what is this project for? Or even what started you on it? I am nosey :)

I would have to be against D, atleast in that form, as although it frees up the body I like the idea of this character being almost ambiguous because she's so hardcore with the killing and such.
[side note: If it were for a comic or series or something I'd give her a scene where she took off her armor and revealed her feminine side. NOT in a perverse way either. Think Samus Aran from Metroid.]

I do like this one arm being larger though like a mechanical power arm or something... borderline steampunk. I'd possibly make it slightly larger even. I also think the gauntlets are top notch, and indeed the rest of the armor style.

I also love that circle behind her, it reminds me of Bahamut from FF10 []
I'd make it heavy looking almost like a giant cog..

Oh and I'd go with that giant hammer, and the quick sketch on "D" of the head looks awesome. Don't see many Demon-slaying hammers around, and that alone is a good incentive to go with that. Also shows she has ferocious strength to kick ass with.

I'm feeling a clunky vibe from these sketches so I'd suggest looking at some unreal tournament character designs - namely the chunky armored ones. I know its futuristic but maybe it'll help with more options.

Some examples:

or some warhammer 40,000 and orc armors and stuff I guess. Also Fallout 3 armors and.. well the list goes on!!!

Good luck and hooray for longest post in a while from me.
XIA said…
Thank all you guys for tons of good feedback and ideas...NOW I am absorbing all the idea and put them in the blending machine and see what will come out...
Any more idea lemme know.
feedmode said…
just happy with oursel. just do it. just got all loves. just got more money..
Anonymous said…
i want the tutorial!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm quite fond of C, her armor would seem quite suited for fighting demons as it isnt over sized or too small. Although she does appear like a heavy weight weapon user.

The saw on her back is quite spiffy, although I would have thought that would be her weapon, otherwise it would be kind of a wieght down. Unless its some kind of back gaurd.

As for using D, it would seem more likely, however the same opinion on the saw. Maby a sleave of old chainmail?
Vumi said…
For me the best would be an A with that wheel. It makes her so strong and powerfull. Huge hammer would be superb! :)
dahaca6022 said…
I am not a hammer person :D.I prefer spear fast assassins with light armor. I choose B.To my mind men should be senselessly over-armored with hammers and women to be fast deadly accurate light and do critical hits.
This reminds me of Lineage 2.
Knuckles930 said…
A Bisento and a Meteor hammer tied at her side might be nice. Its always useful to have a ranged weapon near you.