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Giant Robot drawing and painting MEGA Mech Saga continue

Giant Robot drawing and painting MEGA Mech Saga continue.

Here is the 3rd update of the Mecha robot concept design process (here is part 1: Mecha Robot step by step drawing and part2 Painting Mech process tutorial). I get about 30 mins to an hour a day to do this...little by little. Hopefully it will turn out nicely.

Here is the latest UPDATE!!! (Still more paint over and tweaking to do! :P)
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

Note on the update: I decided yellow probably isn't going to work in this design because I want a little more dramatic lighting effect for this particular drawing, painting, color concept design. So I will have to go with the off-white color (white to light gray). White would probably look slicker anyway in this particular design (kinda remind us of big airplane and such).
I will have to change it from yellow to gray or something similar.
Goto: Top menu in PS --> Layer --> New Adjustment Layer --> Color Balance

You can use this tool to change and tweak your lighting however you like them to be.
Good rule to go by is...Cool light warm shadow vs Warm light cool shadow (Tips here -Color temperature warm vs cool for artist).
So I adjust Midtone then Highlight and Shadows until I get the yellow to change to off white color. Because I want to make underlight more dramatic that why I choose to go with the new color for the Mecha robot.

-Then, I decide to add the pilot cockpit onto its mid-section, figure it would make sense and it would definitely show the scale of the robot that we (human) can related to.
-Also I get a rid of the regtangular shapes on its shoulder. Because there is only one (two vents) regtangular element and the rest of the design are mostly round. So I decided to round it out with some sort of turbine jet engine look alike for vents to maintain the repetitive shape (consistency in design). ***there are some exceptions sometimes***

After all the changes, I think it looks a lot better and closer to what I am aiming for. **The off-white really does bring out the blue sky and the under-lighting effect :)

Anyway, Here is the color sketch so far (almost there)

Here are the updates: Painted over step by step
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial
Then I changed the rocket launchers to twin vents.... so it fits. :)
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

Close Up shot of the Mecha body
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

Add some spicy yummy detail onto the big shape.
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

Here is the latest UPDATE!!! (Still more paint over and tweaking to do! :P)
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

To be continued
Go to: Previous post -Part1 Mecha Robot step by step drawing -Part2 Painting Mech process tutorial
Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or
Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp (Free Download)

-Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)

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Knuckles930 said…
Well I found some internet here in Lombok. Currently in Kuta which is down in the south. Weather has been great here and the diving isn't to bad ether. I havened found much time to do any drawing though and keeping track with the community seems also imposable.

I havened tried to get any photos online since the connection isn't that fast around here. I am planning to get some hours internet once a month so I can at least check up sometimes.

So keep up the good work, I've seen that we had a lot of nice works posted on the community.
Knuckles930 said…
What ever happened to Kapow Express btw?
pokepetter said…

I saw the first one and thought ok, cool design. Then the second came and the colors were much better and not so muddy, though I didn't really like the colors. It looked like you just slapped 'em down (which is probably what you did).

But then, you update again and it really good. There's so much more harmony and everything. The design has drastically improved too. I really like that you added some red on the mech to balance the colors a bit more. It might use some more though, not perfect yet. It's kind of a too clear cut between the colors for my taste. Yeah and maybe have some more color contrast between the mech and background on the hard edges. Color temperatures is also still a bit off according to the values. You know when the hue changes between the light and dark spots of the form.

You got the colors really good in your drawing of the monsters that suck energy from girls, that old one you know.

Knuckles > nice to hear that you're still alive and kicking.
Luca said…
Xia> You outstand me with every post! this one is great as always. The hand gun got a more natural look and the pose is more natural as well. Your rendering is one of the most things I like in your art. Your color balancing is great. I think I'll have to go back in the previous posts and print out your info about color and stuff.

Kunckles> Hope you're doing fine brother over there! :)

Pokepetter> I agree with you. Last post I said this is great... now here's what he comes with... superb art! :)
Odin said…
So far so AWESOME!
It's been some time since you last did a mecha drawing (if my brain isn't failing me again that is).
Chris said…
You are right Odin, it has been a while, which is a shame as the man makes a mean mech. It's got a kinda Grey Fox from MGS vibe going with that head. My only question is: when can I buy one in the shops?
XIA said…
Knuckle> Thanks bro, I hope you are having fun. Kapow? it's up, what do you mean ;)

Pokepetter> Thanks,...yeah that one was one of my fav too. I didn't think or try much and it didn't even take that long. I can only hope to be better and more consistence with the better skillz. Aren't we all? :)

Luca> Thanks, part of my intention of the blog is also for me to get better...hopefully every post, but it's impossible...just hope to be better and break thru with new skillz every month. :)

Odin> Thanks brother, It's true. I love mecha

Chris> I know you love them Mecha. So do I...but I love so many things...sometimes I get confuse on what to draw. I am always looking for my room to improve my weakness in art. Two three years ago, I would never be able to do a quick environment concept without struggling so hard, but now I feel a bit more at ease. Figures seems to be my comfort zone, but I will still need to improve on painting and branch out to explore more. It helps with each new things I learn and I can find new problem solving tricks that I could use for the others. :)