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Painting from life session update

Figure painting from life step by step.  Painting from life session last night update. didn't turn out to be like what I expected. I might have gone too far and forget to simplify at some point. I will write more about it later. But for are the paintings.

This one is before final

This is the Portrait Painting I end up with

Here is a Close up hi-res


pokepetter said…
Do I smell dodge tool?
Luca said…
I find it really cool Xia. I wouldn't be able to make this effect with digital. I'd blend all the values smoothly together and end up with the same stuff as I always do! If I'd be tutoring you, I'd give you a Good B+ !

>thanks< ;)
Chris said…
Fantastic brush work on that dress, great energy to it. I'm not really a painter, so my only helpful crit I can give is maybe her right arm feels a BIT floaty resting on the chair. Could just be the way she posed though.

Thanks for the downloads man, look forward to viewing them.
Anonymous said…

I would just like to say how helpful and informative your website is. Your tutorials are awesome as your artistic skills also.

My current question is what is the document size (width/height) do you start with usually? Like I said, I "somehow" figured out how to get that pencil or charcoal or graphite effect but it's mostly for medium to low resolution images. But when I try to bump up the image size, the brush effect slowly disappears as well.

Thank you in advance. You were somehow my wake up call. I've been away from the pen and pencil for a long time.

Here's to hoping I get good at this again.

PS. I initially sent this question via email. Sorry!
Chris said…
Dude just looking at your slayer project final illustration in photoshop... it's sick! I'm not trying to butter you up here, but the work on her left gauntlet is one of the best armor designs I've seen. Love the gold design on that red cloth too.

Also amazing how much difference the red/orange highlight really makes on that final layer.

Could use some chinese zombies though ;)
XIA said…
pokepetter> that illegal nowadays? Well, I use it unsuccessfully on the final touch. I personally like the first one better.

Luca> Thanks bro, it's been a while since I painted life.

Chris> Thanks for the crit...I felt the's real difficult in life session to capture and take it all the way to finish in time. At least only if I could make it look polish would be good enough. Next time. Thanks for the compliment also...

Anonymous> Simple...if you want to see your brush texture... use BIGGER brush size. Use them according to your canvas size. Doesn't really matter what size you start off with...key is what size you want your final to end with. I usually end with 500 x I work x2 or x3 bigger. But when I start of as thumb...I do 500 x 700 then bigger as I refine. Paint more, then you will know more, that's all I can say.
Good luck!